Hoping To Get On Santa’s Good List


Appealing to him
With early morning Christmas songs
Butchered by many mumbled and jumbled words

Toddler twin girls are hoping to get on Santa’s good list


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      • Oh that’s so sweet, knowing that you were thinking of me. I miss all of you on WP. For now I’m putting all my writing efforts into finishing my novel. Santa’s gift to me. :-> And of course my grandson takes the rest of my energy. I’m so way out of practice.

  1. Santa Claus called me the other day just to chat, because all elves tease him and Santa’s wife had roasted rise porridge black’nd brown – but I got him in a good mood again – by getting him talk about his december trip – then he actually mentioned you – he said that he hoped you hung up some bigger socks up – he couldn’t get all your great gifts in those little “girly” socks you usually hang up… ‘hahahaha’

    • hahahaha, this had me laughing. Going to read this to them, and i am most certain their big brown eyes would be bigger from excitment. They really do have girly socks lol, but we will get bigger ones this year, so all the goodies can fit in lol. TThis comment sure brightened my day…thank you so much for the laughs

    • I hope so too, as for their birthday well I hope mommy and daddy are up to it lol. They want Diego and Princess Tiana…will most definitely share picutres with you :). They will probably just take goodies to church as they do every year…it’s hard to throw a party in Decemeber with the cold weather and all…that’s my excuse lol

  2. Boomie, I am laughing so hard at the butchered mumbled words. More like mutilated, my dear. You know we all butchered words as kids and would you believe it that some of these song only became clearer to me only recently? I am also hoping to get on Santa’s good list. I could use some money for some much needed stuff for my boys. 🙂

    • Lol…you should hear them sing Deck the halls or even jingle bells…and they are so into it, that you could never tell them they are most likely singing in a foreign languange lol. Me too! My mom used to sing this rhyme, one man went to mow a meadow…i thought it was one was one man went to mow and mendo lol…just found out recently from the girls books lol.

      Yea me too…money to get the girls ready for school in Jan by God’s grace. I know you have been good this year, so the Almighty will visit you specailly.

  3. Chidren are beautiful aren’t they. To be so innocent and know it only takes good deeds to get on his I’m coming to see you list.

    I want to be on the list too! But I’m thinking this year is the not so good list. I should be less vocal about my abject horror of Christmas displays before Halloween. Anyone wanna go halfsies with me? 😉

    • lol! I can imagine, i am milking the whole Santa thing for what it’s worth lol…it’s the only way i get them to do stuff lol.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Goodness! Christmas already! And you’re not even the first blogger on my list to start talking about it! I’m going to avoid thinking about it until AT LEAST December (and possibly not until December 24th!).

    • lol… i wish i could do that but i have little ladies who are just now getting into the concept of presents and such…they were practically begging me to make their birthday today lol…i went into a store today and christmas lights and trees were out on sale lol

      • Oh really?! One of the advantages of living in a Muslim majority country as I do is not getting three months of awful Christmas tunes piped out of shops as we do in the UK! It means I actually enjoy Christmas more when it really does finally arrive! Still, I have to confess, the main topic of conversation at the table recently has been “what do you want for Christmas, kids?” – there’s no escape!

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