Looking Out For Ourselves


Every now and then, I think about the people whose blogs I follow. I wonder how they are doing and hope their day is going well. My thoughts go further than the usual, when I haven’t “seen” or “heard” from them.

Now I haven’t met any of you, but still I feel a connection to many; perhaps because we have something in common. Then there are those I just feel connected too regardless of who they are, and when I don’t see any activity on their blog it bothers me…especially if they known to update very often.

I have been worried about a fellow blogger and “friend” Patty or Oster’s Mom as many of us might know her. Her blog http://discoveranddevour.com/ has not been updated since the 30th of July, and for her that is quite strange.

So when I got an email from a fellow blogger Kelly, who noticed her interaction with me and a few others, and decided to reach out, I grew even more concerned.

Unfortunately, I don’t have her last name…but I know she lives in Illinois, and is a teacher or college professor. Patty has a toddler son Oster, and her husband is Andy.

We have sent her many emails, tweets, and face book messages, but have come up empty. I asked Kelly if it was appropriate to do a post just in case someone who knows Patty, better than we do reads the post. This way we can get some information on her wellbeing. That is the purpose of this post.

We know she was dealing with migraine before she stopped posting, and was going to see a specialist…she promised to update us, but we haven’t exactly heard from her since then. I am hoping she is ok, but thought to reach out to anyone who might know her, to allay whatever fears we have.

Please feel free to send Kelly or myself an email,  if you know Patty.

Thank you so much.

Have a lovely Friday, and a safe rest filled weekend.


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  1. I too have fellow bloggers I am concerned about and I believe you have done a wonderful thing by posting your concern. what better way to get information, the connection we build with our fellow bloggers is sometimes stronger than people we know in “real” life, so I applaud you boomie for this post and will pray that you get a positive response on your friend. (((hugs)) Have a blessed weekend!

    • Yes, sometimes I wonder about a ‘friend’ I read regularly & then . . . nothing. I have sometimes left comments or emails but worry about ‘invading’ their privacy by noting their absence. This is a new world of friendship we are all engaging in & I love that you took the chance to reach out to your friend here. I’ve read your post from 2013 JAN 16th that you’ve heard from her. How wonderful!

      • I agree, I was hesitant to do the post but I was honestly worried especially since another blogger noticed her absence and reached out.

        I would hope someone will look out for me as well… We can’t always keep up with everyone but I figured whenever possible to do that.

        I was super happy when I heard from her :).

        Thanks so much Vanessa

  2. I wish I could help you out. All I can do is send love and prayers to Patty. And send love to you Boomie for being so considerate to write a post like this.

    • Thank you Jolyn. I wasn’t sure if the post was appropriate or not, but i asked Kelly who is just as worried about her, and she said it was fine. Glad i did it, i hope someone who knows her will read it or better yet, she reads it herself. Hugs my dear friend

  3. You made me smile today
    what a beautiful rare gift you have of being the essence of a true friend…
    I needed to see your post this morning….
    I hope your friend is okay….I will whisper an extra prayer for you and her
    Thank you…
    Take Care….

  4. Even though we have never met each other, we all need to look out for each other. Thanks for caring about the people you follow and noticing when they drop out of sight. It’s a great example for everyone.

  5. I feel exactly the same for the bloggers I follow. If I haven’t heard for a while I wonder if they are ok. You seem to get a bond by reading the blogs, commenting and liking posts. It is lovely like a big circle of friends. I do hope your blogger friend is ok!

  6. I too feel connected to my fellow bloggers, I dont always comment I get so caught up in my own issues and an trying to be more aware of other people.

  7. I so understand your feelings boomie. You are a gentle caring spirit, and it is true, we become connected to our blog friends in a rather unique way. I do remember Patty, and have enjoyed f her posts in past (one comes to mind about St. Louis as I used to live there and is where I had my 1st born)… Gosh I hope all is ok… will keep her in heart and prayer, and will look for her here as I travel around WordPress… i went and read her migraine post just now too.. do you have access to her email? ~ Much Love boomie — you are special!

    • Yes i remember that post as well. She had been complaining about migraines and going to see a specialist and all. I am sure all is well by God’s grace, but would still love to hear from her or someone who knows her. yea i think i have her blog email address. and i have sent her about 2 emails and so as Kelly but no response, i even went on her facebook page and Kelly sent tweets. I emailed Mari as well, cos i have seen her comment a few times but i dont think Mari heard from her.Thank you so much

      • ooo – I hope she gets a vibe that we are concerned and chimes in soon… just really like an extended family here in so many ways… so hope all is well… keep me posted if you hear – and I’ll do same… x

      • Boomie I have emailed her blog email repeatedly without any luck. I wonder if anyone knows any law enforcement or detectives in
        Illinois area that could help investigate? I don’t know what else we can do besides spread the word and keep searching?!?

      • I have done the same, i guess we just keep trying for now and hopefully someone somewhere will contact us with great news soon.

    • Was this the post when she spoke about getting a dress? Patty used to apologize if it took her a few days to comment on my posts. She would share when she was going on vacation of when her young son was sick. I used to have contact with her 2-3 times a week since May and nothing since July 30th. I am terribly worried and can’t find any leads.

  8. yes, you are so right, and we often feel so helpless until we receive answers.. either, \ i have been busy’ or ‘my child has been sick’ or there was a death or illness in the family. even a broken computer could contribute, but usually someone gives a little notice, ‘hey things are crazy and i’ll be offline for a while.’

    i hope that she’s fine as well as touched that you care.

    you are a good woman!

      • There’s another that I follow, and she hasn’t posted in a while. The last time that happened, I wrote, and she confirmed that her daughter had been very sick. Then there’s Carlos/Cruz in Argentina, who is always punctual with his weekend posts… I recently wrote him and said, hmmm. you’ve been quiet.. i suspect a good post is incubating.. and he said that i was exactly right!

        i am sure you will let us know when you know something new. thanks, amiga,

  9. You are a sweetheart. Thank you for being such a caring person and having such a loving heart. I hope you hear from your friend soon. ~ Christy

  10. I know what you mean, I often think of people who I’ve met that seem to have fallen quiet in the blogging world…It’s amazing what an impact people have, even when they don’t know it. Sorry I don’t know your friend, but I hope you hear from her, and that she is okay.

  11. What a wonderful post! I know Patty would appreciate all of the care and concern. The only other thing that I thoughts that possibly other bloggers that read this, could repost your post and spread the word even more. I will continue to tweet. I wonder if anyone has any connection with a detective in Chicago/ Illinois area!

    Boomie, hopefully this will reach someone that knows SOMETHING! Bless you! Kelly 😉

  12. You are so thoughtful. I truly believe you when you say you have a genuine connection and concern for your fellow bloggers. In spite of your busy life, you always take the time out to read other posts or send a kind message. That really means a lot. 🙂

  13. That is such a lovely thing to do. I wish I could help but I don’t know her. We really do have a connection with our fellow bloggers and wish only the best for them. 🙂

  14. Boomie, this may sound weired bit it is true. I have been thinking of fellow bloggers I havent heard from for a while now, the only diference is that I haven’t written a post about them. I had wanted to even email you about them since I know you follow them and vice-versa. I am talking about Jeglatter (Jenny Kissed Me) and Eva (thejerseygal). Do you have an idea what is happening? I have been reading Oster’s Mom’s comments on your blog though I don’t follow her. I sincerely hope she is alright. May God bless you for showing so much concern. 🙂

    • Not at all…Jennifer took some time off actullay and posted something about a month ago or so. I am not sure i know Eva. I really hope all is well with them all. Thanks so much sis, we really do become a sort of family here, even if we never meet

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