This could easily be me- Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

A lovely morning
For a fast fun 7k morning race
My body thinks not!

*I have a 7k race I was planning to run in this morning, but I can barely move. Exhaustion doesn’t quite describe how I am feeling, but I am tired beyond words…I can’t even look through my notes as I think I have spent too much time sitting up already, I just want to pass out somewhere quiet. It doesn’t help that my little chatterboxes have been screaming all day…and it’s just 8am. I blame Disney and all those silly princesses. I hopeΒ I get some rest today…I hope you all do as well, enjoy your Saturday!


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      • Rest up my dear and be sure you are eating well and drinking enough water. Sometimes we take such care of others that we put ourselves last. Sending healing thoughts. I hope you feel better and more rested soon.

  1. Oh . . . Don’t dis the princesses, let your lovely chatterboxes enjoy them for as long as they can! πŸ˜‰
    And you, dear Boomie, are an amazing woman. 7k’s, that’s brilliant. Can your man run you a hot bath to soothe your muscles? Take care beautiful. β™‘

    • Oh lol…they wouldnt even let me. They are already planning princess birthdays lol, bless their hearts…between cinderella and beauty they get highly entertained.

      I was watching Johnny…our Johnny today on secret window and i thought wouldn’t it be cool if ELyn and i met him lol. Girls can dream right lol.

      I didn’t do the race today, too tired. I bet he could, except he worked all night yesterday, and it would be unfair to bother him. I am hoping to get a good night rest. Hugs dear one,you are always so sweet to me

      • Ahh . . . be still my beating heart – you only have to mention his name,
        Johnny, Johnny, Johnny β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘
        Have you seen the trailer to his new movie – The Lone Ranger?
        And I’m sure your chatterbox’s imaginations are safe in your hands.
        Now get yourself some rest, so you can be up bright and early for an 8k run tomorrow!
        Love to you β™‘

  2. Hope u had a restful Sat while enjoying the little chatter boxes? Did you make it to the 7k. Any plans for a Marthon? Thinking about doing one next year that goes by the sites in DC and Virginia

    • LOL…i wish Yemi. You know how it is now lol. Need to call you sef, shame on me. I didn’t jare, too tired honestly. WIll find how i can make it up.

      I am thinking about next year too…maybe we can do chicago together with Toyin.

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t bother with the race, my body just couldnt do it today lol.

      It’s not a long race really it’s about 4.25 miles or so…it’s usually fun though lol. Thanks so much

    • Hey Aunt Sandee,

      I wish i did! I am so exhausted it;s beyond me…it doesnt help that i might have just sprained my neck about an hour ago lol.

      I think i need to do a physical or something. How have you been? Miss ya

  3. Oh boomie and you tell me to get some rest this weekend! Well I did get a break, we had no power in part of the city where I live for half a day so no electric anything, it was kind of nice actually! I hope your Sunday is much more relaxing for you. Penny, xx

  4. Oh, Boomie, I hope you got some rest today. Sometimes, we just need to listen to our bodies and take it easy. Funny, I was feeling pretty tired today, too. I couldn’t get much done. It was kind of a throwaway day…I probably needed it. πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better.

    • Yea I think we often do so much and after a while our bodies just refuse to function 100%. glad you got some rest, wish I could say the same. Hoping to get a great night sleep today lol. Fingers crossed.

      Have a great week Amy, God bless!

  5. Ooosh Boomie you made me tired just THINKING of doing a 7K race! Respect to you for that one. You are clearly fitter than me to even consider running it! Feel happier that though you were too tired this time, you’re fitter than at least one person in the world! πŸ™‚

  6. You do need a huge rest and hope you will get it. I know how you feel , I felt like it yesterday after 9 miles cycling, exhausted and totally tired. Wish, you feel more energetic soon.! I love that picture, brilliant.

  7. awwwww… hope you are well rested now…. I have had too much jollof rice, egusi…. etc and need to jump on the treadmill when i get back….. you have inspired me!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • I wish i could say so…i think i need a vacay lol. Ha correct food ni yen o :). Bet everyone is just feeding you left right and center…enjoy it my dear. The treadmill will be here when you get back.

      • I sympathise! My exhaustion tends to come towards the end of a tough day walking in the hills with a full pack, and then I can flop down on a bed, perhaps sleep a bit and wake up to go for a pint, with no screaming kids demanding things. But oif course there are many compensations with the kids.

        Disney has much to answer for.

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