In Our Astonishing Ignorance, Have We Gone Completely Mad?


My people are clueless
Daily they die under ignorance

Ignorance masquerading itself
As diverse excuses and sick reasons
Useless traditions and lawlessness

How incredibly sadistic
That we can kill ourselves
Like animals on the slaughter
Over the most mundane and plain things
Four lives wasted like stale food
Over cell phone and gadgets
A disheartening and terrible shame
Madness still keeping us down
In this century

So backward are we
We have become animals

How ignorant and deathly foolish
We have become
Government oppression suffices not
We have to show our own asses
Like wild baboons
Suppressing and oppressing ourselves

In high and lofty places
Ignorance and incompetence
Disguised as leaders ministers and
Figure heads head of state
Steal billions faster than watchful eyes
Can blink and we do nothing about it?

Foolishly we elect them over and over again
Ignorant we are
Thinking corruption is something to pride ourselves over
A way of life in these parts we conclude

Shame shame shame
Flipping the birds fucking
Terrible shame on us
Giant of Africa
Yes we are giants indeed
Goliaths in the making
Soon to be destroyed by a sling and stone

Hypocritical fools
Lynching over minor theft and robbery
While our freedom and that of our unborn children
Are been completed looted by miscreants
Calling themselves our leaders

Yet we  do nothing
For we are too busy
Killing ourselves and our future
Over cellphones and
Some fucking laptops

10/8/12 1:14pm

* It would be an understatement, to say i wrote this from an angry place. I am pissed off, my emotions achingly raw. I read, and it triggered me. I was not going to think about this…but i couldn’t help myself…excuse the foul words but this is how they came to me…i am disgusted beyond words. I hear there is a video about this circulating…I will not acknowledge it past this mention, let alone watch it…shame on those who filmed it*


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  1. It is my birthday today. Another year closer to the personal apocalypse we all make. Be happy for me anyway. We are way past mad. Insane is a boundry that cannot contain us. But there is a dark beauty in violence and we worship at its altar more than we worship sex.

  2. Boomie its a major shame really! Don’t know whether to say “chin up girl, e go betta” or just pat you on the back and curse along with you… or maybe I should say what most Nigerian would, “let us pray for Nigeria” … Either way I’M JUST TIRED!

    • I am with you on being tired. We keep saying let us pray, but we have to also put actions to our faith…the bible even says the kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent ones taketh it by force…how much more Nigeria.

      We can’t all lay down our lives, but we can continue to fight as best we can…enough of this madness.

  3. I hadn’t heard about that but how awful, horrible, tragic, and completely unnecessary. The anger that came across in this poem is justified. I just don’t know what’s to become of this world if people continue acting this way. 😦

  4. You are justified in your anger… I need not tell you this. Remember to continue to be intelligent in your anger as well. Beautiful words, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Oh boomie ~ heartbreaking… how does man loose himself – abandon integrity – misplace love – forget what is important – priorities crossed everywhere.?? I can see why you have the anger — I always hope that the energies of a talented writer like yourself will be released into the universe – someone will hear, see take notice… someone who can make a difference… I pray ~ thank you for your heartfelt expression ~ hugs ~Rx

  6. We live in such a cruel world. I refuse to watch the video—just hearing about what happened is sickening enough.

    You channeled your emotions well in this piece.

    • Thank you Dienna. I am with you on that video, i can’t even watch it…its sad that people would stand by and film this instead of appealing to the mob to release the guys and deal with them in some other way…tragic shame.
      Thanks so much Dienna

    • Thank you so much Z. Shame that in these times we still allow this sort of sickness to happen.

      Somedays i don’t know that there is hope for humanity. I appreciate your kind comments always

      • i think there is an evolving separation of ultra-sensitive people who are pulling away from the mainstream. sometimes we are not aware that we’re caught up in falseness until we jump /leap/swan dive from the out-of-control merry go round! every so often there’s a horrible incident that becomes a catalyst for change.

        you’re leaping my dear, and in grand style, and you’re helping to open the numbed eyes of the world.


  7. I had heard about this as well and my heart goes out to you and your innocent countrymen. You have written such a moving poem, a great outlet for your anger and hopefully others will read this and it will soften their hearts.

    • Thank you so much LuAnn. Its so upsetting that e take such inhumane justice into our own hands…like we have no sins of our own…

      I really appreciate you reading this

  8. Damn those who murdered the ALUU 4, those who filmed it and big shame on those that watch it! A land that kills its youths should not expect growth. Most Nigerians appear to have lost touch with humanity.

    • Abimbola,

      You have said more, eloquently in these few words than i could…damn them.
      Many have indeed! How unfortunate, and how terribly sad!

  9. Just read and comented on the site…wow amazing the growing number of people who are building hell here…for themselves and others and taking pride …amazing how we are leaving such a nasty place for our kids and saving for tomorrow.!!! the tomorrow which will be devoid of all that was once a human…it is scary,it is shamefull

  10. wow hard hitting yet digestible I really don’t wont to see the horribleness of the events but I do get it one day I hope we stop it all

  11. I have been staring into space, at a loss for words, Boomie. All I can ask is how safe are we in our own countries where the justice systems have been corrupted, perverted and parodied? Your anger and outrage are justified, my sister.

  12. strong expressions from a strong wonderful Boomie… carry on and foul language is always welcome especially when used this justly

  13. It is very sad….. I couldnt watch the video….. I still cant believe it!…. the University has been closed, its all over the radio….. the students are protesting…. the parents are wailing…… its unbelieveable!!!!!! how can?! a parent got there as the son gasped his last breath!….. Boomie! I really dont want to believe this…… I should stop now cos I dont want to start venting…… may the souls of the departed rest in peace. Amen.

    • I wouldn’t blame you if you vented…it’s so tragic and just shameful. Are you serious?! God help us in that country…we are so many steps back, only God can fix it all at this point…it is well! Amen

  14. So sad Boomie, so very, very sad.
    I think social media may be our new Tower of Babel, people can be so stupid.
    Love to you ♡

    • I agree dear Elyn, it is just so sad…and i agree with you…it has its good no doubt but sometimes the evil we do with it, is just mind blowing.

      Yep stupid stupid and even more stupide.

      Love and hugs dear friend

  15. Terribly sad avoidable occurences. I sincerely wonder why our people prefer folly over wisdom and value violence over peace. A truly disheartening reality.
    We must be strong and not give up.
    I am inspired by your rapid response to this terrible occurence.

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  17. As allways we are our own worse enemies and elect robbers who dream about joining the highest den of thieves in the land. The modern day Sadducees and Pharisees who only care for themselves and wealth. Now many are moving to elect a Man who profited off the poor in China, took jobs and companies to china from the United States, and is in the process of profiting from moving another company from Louisiana to china again putting hundreds of american families out of work, while having them train chinese workers who will be working in the new factory in China! Our people without jobs turn to other means to survive…but one day soon, we will see crime touching the doors of the rich. Who continue to long to make slaves of us all. The same guns they allow the poor to have destroy each other will be their own down fall in the end…when no amount of money will save their lives. Great message in so many different ways!

    • You have said it so well here sir! Sometimes we are our own undoing… Too caught up in ignorance I think! I hope we can see the lies been told and vote right… It will be disastrous to get it wrong again!

      And yes soon the violence they are shielded from will soon reach their doorsteps…

      Thanks so much for this in depth comment.

  18. I’m so sorry, Boomie! I just watched some of the video although I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Too terrible for words. I hope you’re in a better place. I think it’s good to be able to write about it. It’s very brave of you to do.

    • Thanks so much Amy! Just a terrible thing to do to fellow humans, let alone the youth of the country.

      i hope we start to do better as humans, just so much unnecessary violence. Thanks again Amy!

  19. I appreciate how you have articulated your thoughts and emotions. I feel just as you do, no need to apologize for foul language. I am thankful to you for how you express and share, especially here in this post.

  20. Boomie I read this when you first posted it. It made me incredibly sad and furiously cross. I was too sad and cross to say anything. Your poem is very powerful. I cried when I read this story. I came back today to see if I could male a sensible comment. But the story still makes me sad and angry.

    • Thank you so much Kerry. It is incredibly sad and unfortunate that we continue to aid our evil ways…there is currently a petition passing around that these perpetrators be brought to justice, and i wonder why we should even think twice about that. But knowing my beloved NIgeria, greed and corruption is the order of the day…

      Yea, everytime i think about it, i am furiously angry too, there are days i wish i could slap sense into many of us over there…i hope and pray someday we get it right.

      Thanks again so much

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