Some Poems


Thought provoking

Some poems are written
For your amusement
Fantasy and comfort

Some are written to provoke a thought
And incite a thought process

Some are written to arouse awareness
Be it on the most mundane of issues

Some poems spill
Out of the hurt of the writer’s heart
Personal or otherwise
Those sort of poem shake you where it most matters
In your guts and in your heart
They make you downright uncomfortable
If you are anything like me
They move your core to action

Then there are poems like this one
Whose purpose I cannot tell
Except perhaps to put words to paper
As thoughts flow out of my heart


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  1. That’s a good summary of stuff on here. Only quibble is that you forgot to include the poems that are meant to confuse and ellicit madness. There many of those. But I like this better.

    • Thank you so much Trent…just might steal your idea here and include it on the poem in my notes. My kids won’t let me think straight today, so this poem was the only one that summarised my state of mind perfectly lol.

      Really appreciate your comment and suggestion

      • My pleasure, and steal away. Good luck with the kiddies, they are their own force aren’t they.

  2. Wonderful… some poems are simply about the simplicity of life and the moments that pass us by… Words flowing to fill paper and screen documenting the passing of time. Such is life.

    Have a beautiful day Boomie, I hope you are resting some and feeling better.

  3. So jealous of you! 🙂 Your words and poetry are always so flawless and seem to come at such an ease. I really loved it!!

  4. My one quibble is this part: “Some are written to provoke a thought/Or incite a thought process”

    These sound like the same thing to me . . . so the “Or” kind of trips me up.

    I do love all of your poems, though, including this one!

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