What Price? And Thoughts Of (On) Human Kindness



What is the price of an education
Taken so freely for granted by many
We skip class and drop out of school

How much is it to be free
These days as a woman
Undefined by tradition and expectations

What is the price of forgiveness
For an act no doubt wrong
yet not unpardonable or
undeserving of compassion?

How much does it cost
To set aside inhumanity
wickedness and evil disguising
As “culture” “religion” “justice”
And many such terms
Just to be humane (kind)

What is the price of honesty
Patriotism and true humanity (compassion)
When bottomless pockets can easily be filled
Unfortunate citizens
languishing in inherited penury
Passed down four/five generations
No definite end in sight soon

What is the price of human consciousness
And simple decency…

A life…
Perhaps 4
or should we just keep killing ourselves
to find out…

*For Malala, #ALUU4, and mankind.
My heart is tired tonight…I am hoping that releasing these words can, and will help me feel better…special thanks to Susan for helping me out on the above poem.


Thoughts of (on) humanity
Crowding this heavy heart
I wish the world would live as one
Hate discrimination
Ill and evil disguised as all sorts
A scary fable of old

Perhaps I am a child
Or a foolish dreamer

Still it is my deepest and most
Sincere hope

A burning desire in this weary heart of mine
That we will get it as a people

And as much as it is in our power
We become genuinely kind to one another

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  1. Boomie–I cannot hit “like” enough for these two. They are strong, heartfelt, and heartbreaking in their intensity. Your love for humanity shines through, as well as your exasperation with it. Very, very well done, and needed to be said.

  2. Yeah that second poem makes me wonder as I do at times how it would be possible for the world to become one tribe or community — I guess that may be foolishly idealistic — but it’s a thought. It could be where there would be a new ideology a different way of looking at the world where consumerism doesn’t exist and all the human resources would be encouraged to the highest degree without brutal competition — in that way a higher consciousness might be reached. Yeah.

  3. boomie I agree with you but it seems the only time countries can come together is during war or tragedy and tragedy not very long. It is sad but what a glorious day when we all live with God The Father!

  4. Priceless. beautiful, provocative, challenging, well written. And special thanks for your thoughts on #Aluu 4 and for speaking out against the descent into bestial rage. Only hollowed consciences and callused souls could have produced the ALUU 4 savagery!

  5. There’s nothing like being told you’re a dreamer, or young and an idealist, naive and all those favourite things that people like to say to dismiss the fact that we should aspire for better. Nice work, Boomie… I’m proud to be a dreamer with you 🙂

  6. Both poems are truly moving Boomie. You are wise beyond your years and have such compassion in your heart, dear woman. Thank you for putting into words what many of us in the blogging world feel. 🙂

  7. Thought provoking post!
    Sticking to the usual does not seem to be getting us anywhere.
    We can’t continue doing the same things and be expecting different results. It is time to think outside the box and empower working ideas, whether or not they conform to routine.
    I wrote this some time ago: Poem; Tradition And Regulation
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Your poems made me get all choked up. Very moving, Boomie. You have the ability to speak volumes with a few simple words that truly only the heart can hear.

  9. Yeah “what is the price” every little thing we do have a price – for good and for worse – that’s a part of not live alone on this world – so it maybe not so bad at all – it’s the good thing about reading your blog it make one reflect on things – the bad thing is that one forget to work… ‘hahahaha’

    Very interesting post… 😉

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