The Passage- Friday Fictioneers 10/12


Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods is up and running again this week, and the week’s photo is courtesy of Jan Morrill. I have come up with a short story of a little over 100 words. Please feel free to participate as always…thank you!

Image courtesy of Jan Morrill

The swift steps were getting closer as he continued to run. His heart racing with every quickened pace…he knew they would eventually catch up to him, but if he could make it to the passage…it just might be his escape route…or his dying…he refused to finish the thought.

He had only stolen the bread because his pregnant wife was hungry…he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He was wrong for stealing, but to pursue him in such rage; with axes and all manner of weapons while screaming “thief! Thief! Burn him!” was barbaric…

Tripping on nothing in particular…he fell to knees, tears streaming down his horror stricken face as the rowdy mob cornered him in the passage…

*Dedicated to the memory of #ALUU4



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  1. Dear Boomie, i know you still hurt from the news of the #Aluu4 but such is life and one has to move ahead. however, in moving we should resonate the evil we’ve done and let it rest on our conscience as evil…I am strongly moved for those lads cut short in their prime and pray God accepts their soul. The cry back home is that the village be brought down, but i think otherwise…evil can never compensate for evil. That is the premise for the jungle justice anyway and for us to clamor for the heads of Aluu villagers is as wrong as their initial wrong.
    Thank you for this piece!

    • Thank you much for reading. It was all my mind saw, as i looked at the prompt yesterday….

      I think justice should and must be served in this case but not bringing the village in its entirety down, like you said that is jungle justice, we are trying to do better not encourage barbarism…i hope this serves as a lesson to us all.

      Thank you so much!

  2. and when from among the howling crowd, someone emerged with a tyre and a gallon of petrol, he knew immediately it was all over. This screaming crowd had scented blood and would not rest until it was shed. It bayed. It hungered for nothing now but blood and the sickening scent of burning flesh and rubber. Behind the twisted smiles on the faces in crowd that closed in on him, he could also sense the desire to see him grovel and beg for his life to spared. Those smiles did it. In a last act of dignity and courage, he stood up and started walking towards the crowd, defiant, feeling the blows land and still not flinching…….

  3. I can imagine the tension, the panic, the hopelessness and the terror in the last moments… Babaric acts are just so disheartening and they keep attracting more babaric acts.
    We just have to keep hoping that conditions turn around for better.
    This piece really got to my heart, it moved me close to tears.

    • I feel you…i saw this photo and the image came to mind and i thought to put this all to rest in my mind, let me write what i see (feel).

      yes, we cannot give up hope now. Thanks so much

  4. That looks to be somewhere in Greece. At leat that’s what it looks like to me.
    Beautiful write Boomie.
    A sad story. Nobody should have to wonder or worry about where their next meal will be coming from.

  5. Oh Boomie. This broke my heart. I was holding my breath, hoping he would get away. Powerful piece. Thank you for visiting mine. And yes, they are similar in a way.

    • Unfortunately the fate of the people i had in mind when i wote this was horrific…thank you so much for stopping by mine as well.

  6. Wow, Boomie Bol, Such a lot of scary tension in 100 words! I felt so bad for him. Never have really been able to convince myself that stealing bread if you or your family were hungry was any kind of a crime…but it sure has been and still is some places. Great piece!

    • Thanks so much Amy! I know…an tragic incident happened in Nigeria, and it just broke my heart this week, and so i went off of that…some college kids stole cell phones and laptops i think, and we mobbed, beaten, and then burnt to death…

      I am better now though!!! Thanks so much, have a lovely weekend!

    • A great point, you have written here…and so true. Thank you so much. will be heading over to yours soon. Thanks so much for stopping by

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