I Imagine October


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

I imagine October
An art of colorful hues

With reds blushing elegance
In the light of golden suns fading greens into yellow
Browns toning the grounds
In sync with earth

As autumn breeze gently spreads
It’s blissful stroke of peace
Over nature

October is splattered brightly
On a canvas of graceful adornments

Autumn’s color and warmth
It’s masterful showcase

*Have a lovely and peace filled weekend*

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    • I know…once it gets cold…i get lazy, and want to dress like a couch potato lol. You too dear Lily, and thanks so much for liking my facebook page ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. “October is splattered brightly
    On a canvas of graceful adornments”

    My fav part of the whole poem. It is perfectly worded. I enjoyed the whole thing, but that stanza is amazing.

      • When I went from Europe to equatorial Africa for two years, I missed the seasons: rainy season and dry season weren’t enough. Going the other way and encountering marked seasons must be interesting.

      • Then you have a sharp understanding, which most of us in our urban, centrally-heated, air-conditioned, car-driven environment donโ€™t, of how the ancestors of Europeans and North Asians felt about them. Every winter, despite experience, they needed reassuring that spring would come. This may even have been influenced by folk memories of the last Ice Age, when spring did not come.

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