Still Is A New Day


The pitter patter of heavy falling rain
Outside my bedroom window
On a cold October Sunday
Wakes me to a new day

Albeit caliginous and bleak
Its dawn…

I know
It’s good to be alive!

*Have a lovely Sunday, and a wonderful week!*


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    • Lol… You and me both. I wanted a word that fit perfectly for what I was trying to create and dreary or somber sounded too heavy… Caliginous was perfect in my mind. Thanks

  1. Sometimes a rainy day is a good excuse to just cuddle up with a book. I don’t know if you get a chance to do that, however, with twins. Happy Sunday Boomie. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yea…I did just that on our drive to church…I let the girls share the iPad and concentrated on my book as the hubs did driver duties lol. Hoping we can all cuddle this evening with books, and quiet music :). Happy Sunday to you too…big hugs.

  2. Great job, Boomie. But if you’ve got everyone running to the dictionary is your choice of words distracting? I can only answer for myself. No, not distracting at all. I love discovering, or being handed, new words and once I looked it up I reread your post- which now has a deeper meaning. But tell me, do you use the word caliginous in everyday language?

    • Thank you! I wrote the poem this morning and wanted to capture the weather and its mood as perfectly as I saw it. I thought of dark dreary or somber but they seemed much too heavy for what I was feeling… I searched the dictionary for an alternate word and found this…

      Nope I don’t use words like this in everyday language considering I am talking to toddlers all day :).

  3. caliginous, had to look that one up and I did from an actual thesaurus, I am so old skool. I love the sound of rain, especially when sunk in a nice warm bed. ‘It’s good to be alive!’ You nailed that sentiment right on the head…and then some!

    • Yea nice weather no doubt but it was rain rain all the way…on our way back from church it got so heavy, i had to park under a bridge :).

      It sure is good twinnie, and i am thankful we all are πŸ™‚

    • I know right…many of us have learnt a new word today lol. Thanks Gav…it just fit perfectly for the image i was trying to portray

  4. Great thoughts and soothing sounds again – and I learnt a new word! Thanks again for that massage of words from afar. You show the soft side of Autumn, which makes stepping out into the ‘silver’ ‘pitter pattering rain’ with pleasure!

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