A New Beginning-Friday Fictioneers 10/19


Friday fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods is on again, and this week’s photo is provided by Ron Pruitt. I have come up with a poem of about 40 words, I can’t bring myself to think at all, because I am battling a yucky cold.  As always feel free to join in and participate. THANK YOU!

Image courtesy of Ron Pruitt

A new journey soon begins
The final destination albeit unknown
His past and hurts, he now leaves behind
Fuzzy sights set on a future so bright
He hopes to God
On this move he is right
As he quietly boards the Jefferson lines


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    • Courtesy of your comment 🙂

      Casting poetic spells
      Taking readers through a passionate journey in words
      Leaving them captive
      Completely immersed
      They yearn for more

      My potion never ending
      words find me
      Even in my solitude
      burying me under their addictive powers
      I Create more magic spells
      In poetry rhymes and prose
      Nourishing my captive readers
      Who yearn daily for words
      To EnRich and fulfill them

      I am but a wild word witch

      10/18/12 2:16pm

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