Thanks For Always


Thank you all so very much for the very many get well wishes. I wish the silly cold would just go away, but it’s still here… double yuck! I appreciate all the kind thoughts, wishes, and prayers. It’s wonderful to have such kind and thoughtful angels like you all around. A big thank you to everyone who nominated me for an award over the past few weeks. I really appreciate them all, and special thanks to Esenga for the Ligo Circle of appreciation.

Thanks for always reading, liking, commenting, and just for being you. A special thanks to everyone who has stopped by my facebook page and liked it. I really appreciate you all. Thanks alot and God bless. I hope you have a wonderful rest filled weekend.

Such joy and heartfelt gratitude
To be loved and cared for
Time and time again
When you stop by
And show support
Liking or taking time
To make a comment

I am now going to bury my head in more tissues and soothing balms…*sneeze, cough, sneeze…achooo!*

Thanks for always!

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  1. I am sorry you are enduring that nasty cold. Try putting some cinnomon in your herbal tea. Or not. Your call! Congrats on your good karma award from Jaz! Feel better soon, Boomie! 🙂

    • Oh the poor babies…hope they are feeling better. With the kids its like it a thousand times worse…hugs and kisses to them. I am much better, went to the doctor today and it is the usual sinus infection and all, so i am on some meds for now…yuck lol.

      Thanks so much, and please take care of yourself

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