Glorious In Its Rise


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Glorious in its rise
The sun shines brightly
My heart basks in its warmth


Glowing brightly golden
This Sunday morn
The sun radiantly shines
On this part of the world

My heart basking in its warmth
Gloriously says a prayer for you

May you always find newness
With many reasons to smile

And lots of happy blessings
To be very thankful for


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    • Haha…yes no more cold wet grounds. TO think i paid so much tribute to autumn and she gives me a nastu cold lol.

      Thanks so much, i really do battle sinus infections once the weather changes, and it dawned on me last night that this might be it…i took the magic pill doctors told me to use daily but i never do and woke up better than the last few days.

  1. Glorious is your wonderful ability to make all who visit you feel better via your gift of crafting words so lovingly. Your poetry, all your words boomie, shine like the Sunday morn you so beautifully just described, thank you, an excellent way to wake up this Sunday Morning, blessings to you, Penny

  2. Fortunate are we to have found such a talent as yourself. I am always anxious to see where your next post is headed. Such a lovely, peaceful poem. 🙂

  3. Oh boomie ~ haven’t been on till now but this is the most magnificent of poems! It’s majestic and spiritual all at the same time. “may you always find newness with many reasons to smile” ~ Love this! xo

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