Sweet And Tender Echoes


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

The fine misty rain
Whispers softly in my ears

Sweet and tender echoes
As I slowly drift to bed…

Hush little love
Soundly sleep


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  1. Beautiful Boomie ! hope your appointment went well today and you are feeling stronger. Tomorrow I have big hospital procedure – fun stuff.. so if I’m not on blog task – forgive… β€œSleep Tight tonight” dear friend! xo

    • Oh thanks so much Robyn for remembering and asking. It went well, though i might have to see a specialist about some other issues (not to happy about that), but i am positive all is well. The doc put me on some meds and ordered blood work.

      Will be thinking and praying for you Robyn.Don’t even worry about blogs please. Just come back to us in tiptop shape :).

      Hugs and love, and will check on you God willing tomorrow. Nighty night

  2. Beautiful piece as always! I love the ripple effect on the surface of the water. Lovely combination of words and picture. You can bet that my imagination has added sweet sound to it! πŸ™‚

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