My Love Of This Café- Friday Fictioneers 10/26


Friday fictioneers is up and running this week many thanks to our new host Rochelle, who has so kindly taken over from Madison Woods. Her photo this week sent my heart racing with smiles…I love cafés, and every little thing about them. So I tried to channel that into my fictional  story, and then added a poem as a bonus. As always comments and constructive crticisms are welcome, and please feel free to join in and participate. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

Image courtesy of Rochelle

Oh how I love nifty little cafés…the sights…the aromas…sizzling hot coffee…warm buttered croissants… delicately soft chocolate marble pound cakes…raspberry tarts…need I say more?

Every morning, I stop by just to take in the entirety of this particular café, soft music floating around in the air with the smells, the ever friendly servers, and then there’s one…one I really like…piercing brown eyes taking my brave soul captive…my intentions completely exposed…I can’t help myself around him…

More so, when he picks up his guitar and does an impromptu performance…my mind wanders straight into his arms, and all I can think of is him…sweetly serenading my lobes…as we sip coffee…legs wrapped around each other in suspension, after a long day of loving.


Alone with my thoughts
I sit
Blindly staring out
This coffee house window

Painfully I wonder
Where our sugar and spice
Sweetly made crepess with sprinkles
On top love and contagious desire
Went wrong

This coffee house serves as
The only reminder of what once was
Quiet and lonely views
From (y)our favorite booth
Now responding to me in whispered echoes

Tears falling down the window
Of my broken soul


81 responses »

  1. Something simply homey about a café.
    Both nice writes. As for the second – I would have to find myself another café.
    Happy Day to you Twinnie!

  2. Boomie this has to be my favorite piece from you so far…of course I have only been reading your flash fiction for a few weeks now but I really enjoyed the poem at the end. I agree with the comment above this one “legs wrapped around each other in suspension”…I want to steal it as well.

  3. That was amazing, I could smell it, see it, feel it all and I wanted to be there – to be you experiencing it. What a wonderful talent you have Boomie. 🙂

  4. Wow Boomie!
    This is so nice that I want to go to a cafe right away!
    Though the poem made me sad, but it had a bitter-sweet grasp too.
    Good works, both of them.

  5. I loved the visual images and could smell the food. Poem was beautiful, and I agree with Doug, was one of your best. My heart broke at the end. Good writing.

  6. I didn’t find your cafe sad at all. I found it sweet, warm and charming. In fact, I want to visit that cafe. That guitar performer sounded pretty “hot” too. I see your attraction.

  7. I guess I am feeling the sugar and spice of love lost today. Your poem moved me to personal memories, smells, and arms that loosened their grip for whatever reason. Lovely piece and brought me a tender, lovely ting with a side of ouch. Hee hee 🙂 Excellent!

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