Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


Happy 74th birthday to my dad!

Amazing that 74 years ago, he was just an itty bitty baby, and now he is daddy and grandpa. I don’t have the words to do justice to my dad…no poems, no words….nothing will do. He is more than anything I can try to write…to know my dad is to love him.

A fine and selfless human, he is remarkably one of a kind. True and sincere to the core, and yet very silly and so much fun to be around, my siblings and I are blessed to have him as our father, and mother. He plays both parts so well, and without complaints.

One of my biggest desires and prayers, is to take care of my dad…and I am thankful to God, that I can do it even if only in the littlest of ways…I am fortunate to have him with me again this year on his birthday, and so the plan is to honor him, as he so rightly deserves. The truth is there is nothing I can do to show appreciation to a man who has lived his life in service to his children, and now his grandchildren (He is the best unpaid babysitter around). He delights in our happiness, and fulfillment and I see it in his eyes every day. He continues to be our strength, as his eyes brim with gratitude and pride over each of us…

I don’t have the perfect words to celebrate this dearest and oldest love of my heart, but my prayer is that in the remaining years of his life, he is happy, and healthy with many blessings to remain thankful for.

My sibling and I are fortunate to have a father like ours…we know it and never take it for granted…he isn’t perfect…yet he is absolutely perfect for us. God knows, we love him with our hearts oozing love and joy…

So today, on behalf of all his children, and those wonderful grandchildren who cause his heart to beat love, and life, his silver gray hair glowing as his gentle eyes glisten tears in joy over them, when he quietly blesses their day…I wish him a happy birthday.

May his silver gray hair, and crowning glory continue to glow brightly…even when it seems dark, and may he see only better days from here on out…we love you daddy.

To many more happy healthy days! Happy birthday sir!!!

*Please join me in wishing my dad a very lovely and happy birthday. THANK YOU, and have a lovely week. God bless!*



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  1. Great piece to a lovely daddy.
    May God do for your father the things you are unable to do for him.
    May true peace, health, wealth, joy and fulfilment penetrate into his heart and mind.
    May mercy, favour and grace be showered on him, in all he does and everywhere he goes.
    I wish him many more cheerful years with the wisdom, courage and strength to direct all his children to the heights that they dream and beyond!
    Happy birthday to him!

    • Teecee…you did the most selfless thing today and u really appreciate the post. God bless you. He had a wonderful day, and all your messages sure added more to the beauty if the day. Thanks so much

      • You are always welcome Boomie! People are much more valuable than events and acquisition. Your daddy deserves to be celebrated and I just offered my own gift. I appreciate your sweet words. Many cheers!

  2. Happy birthday to ‘Uncle Jibs’ as you all fondly call him. He is a real gentleman with a great sense of humour and a very large heart. Little wonder he has such great children. May God bless him with all you desire for him and much more. Please give him our best wishes and a big birthday hug. Hope you are still having the surprise party

    • Yes Bimbo. And your girls did good. They got him John Grisham’s latest book and he told me he just read the first two pages and he is thrilled he got the book.

      The surprise is tomorrow Lord willing and your babies picked out their dresses already lol. Will pass your messages to uncle Jibs :). Hugs sis

  3. I know what you mean. Sometimes there just aren’t any words.
    Happy Birthday to your dad & wishes for more & more…You are blessed to have him & he to have you! xoxo

  4. the best of the best and warmest Birthday wishes to your Dad, Boomie. And, don’t forget to tell him this. 🙂
    May your Dad enjoy peaceful and happy times ahead. God bless him.
    What nice post about your Dad. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much aunt Sandee. He had a good day, we are going to have a small surprise get together for him Lord willing tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the look on his face 🙂

  6. I cannot think of a lovelier birthday gift to give a father than this amazing tribute. Happy birthday to your father. I’m sure he knows how lucky he is to have you for a daughter. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday and best wishes to my dear friend’s lovable daddy !
    May he, you and all your family enjoy all the blessings of God all times to come !
    Much Love,best wishes !
    have peaceful, happy ,prosperous life !

  8. Happy Birthday, Boomie’s Dad!
    May God indeed reward and bless him.

    Boomie I am happy your dad gets to hear the wonderful things you have to say while he is still around 🙂

  9. Dear Boomie,
    Wish you father a very happy belated birthday on my behalf. You’ve a very amazing dad, and 74 years of life is not a small thing.

    May he live many years longer,
    And,may your bond grow stronger!

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