What Can I Say But Thanks…


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What can I say really but thanks…?

Today was a wonderful day for my dad many thanks to awesome people like you, who wrote the nicest messages in my comment section. He read them earlier in the day, and was thoroughly overwhelmed. In his words “I have made him quite famous on his birthday…” he enjoyed reading them, and was all smiles the whole day.

He had another wonderful birthday this year, thanks to God and you all. A special thanks to everyone who called, sent messages via every possible mode, wonderful bloggers who liked the birthday post, and sent wishes. God bless and honor you all immensely.

My dad had a lovely birthday not just because he told me, but I saw the excitement all over his face and after a quiet dinner, he said a prayer for us from the depths of his heart. He said a prayer for you all as well, and in his effort to show more appreciation; he asked that I convey his heartfelt gratitude to all my friends “say me well, and thanks to them all please” he said. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS!!!

I will get to all the kind comments as soon as possible…been a long day, and tomorrow Lord willing is going to be longer…but I will get to them all.

Many thanks!!!


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    • Yea he was so happy when he read the post and when I scrolled to the comments and said read what my friends wrote; he said “oh is that so… Oh my” lol.

      He was pretty happy

  1. “say me well, and thanks to them all please” he said. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS!!!-You are welcome dad..we love you too!!! Humble and proud he is…..we are glad to share in his happiness! 🙂

  2. Boomie, I missed your dad’s birthday, but I did want to add a belated happy birthday to him. He has some awesome kids and grandkids, a testiment to what a wonderful and loving father he has been and is, I am so happy for all you. He for having you and yours and your family for having him. A beautiful and loving win-win situation. As it should be with all families. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, he had 2 days of celebration as we had a mini surprise get together for him yesterday. It was good to see him smile and laugh in genuine gratitude.

      Thank you so much and will convey your messages to him

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