A Note From My Dad


Yesterday, we had a very small and surprise party for my dad. He was thrilled beyond words and enjoyed himself, and the company. Earlier in the day, he gave me a note and asked if I could share it with my friends who had taken time to comment on the note I wrote and wished him well.

His notes are always  handwritten, and here is a picture of said note:

My very dear ones,

I cannot thank and appreciate you enough for the love expressed through my daughter, your friend on my birthday which came up on the 26th of October.

May you live long enough with all the benefits of long life, good health, and may you continually prosper in all your endeavors in Jesus mighty name. Thank you and God bless you all richly. Amen.


Thank you all again so much. It was a busy but no doubt fun weekend….have a wonderful Sunday.

Thankfully he bestows blessings
On you and yours today
May you always have honor and love
To fill your happy hearts


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  1. I love to hear about beautiful family dynamics and this certainly is one of those. Your father’s note is so touching and your family’s love for him so apparent. Thank you for sharing your father with us Boomie. 🙂

  2. so humbling to read his wonderful words! you are a dear daughter for sharing his blessings and good wishes, they shall return upon you both a thousand fold! 🙂

  3. Your father’s note tugs at my heartstrings. My father passed away soon after I graduated college, and as you can imagine I miss him terribly. I’m thankful that I saved the letters he wrote to me while I was still in school, way before the internet existed. Looking at his handwriting is part of the joy. Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Dearest Boomie, I have been following what happened here, and this entry of yours just melted my heart. How wonderful you shared your beautiful Dad’s birthday with us, and how lovely he was to write this personal response. I see where some of your kindness and humility must originate from. You and your family are very special.
    Love to you. xx

    • I am so happy to “see” you here. Please know that i have had you on my mind, truly praying for you. I was meaning to send you an email but wanted to give you time and space.

      Thanks so much for this very kind comment, but even more so taking time to read and comment. This is very much appreciated.

      Sending hugs and love dear one.

      Love to you always

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