Remnants Of A Wicked Night (Two Poems)


Enchanting seductress
Pink tongue licking fangs
Stained with dark chocolate


Darkness descends
Like gray ashes from the skies
Scares and frights are all about

Little girls dressed cute and dainty
Toddler boys are the capable superheroes
Keeping city streets safe
Teens in spooky masks asking for more candy
Than they can ever eat

Lone girl in her pajamas
Lounging in the arms of love
Dark chocolate stains on her vampire fangs
Biting and been bitten
Never felt so good


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  1. Oooo! I wish I would have seen this yesterday. It would have added delight to my Halloween wanderings as the imagery flashed through my head. Awww, but I still found it so enjoyable on the first of November. πŸ™‚

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