What Makes A Good Poem?


What makes a good poem?
In your honest opinion

Is it the length
The content or the form
Does language and style matter much?

How about the words and how they flow
Would you rather free verse
Shakespearean sonnets or
Humor with puns and limericks
Haikus, Tanka, and micro poetry
Seem to be taking over these days

Does it matter who wrote the poem
Perhaps good poems are only from a certain stock
(Bukowski’, Poe, and such)

Would you mind if you didn’t get it
Many of the best poems often seeming elusive
Almost out of the mind’s grasp
With hidden meanings and complex words (language)

Do you care for a particular topic
Or does any subject at all do
Does nature have more to offer
Than poems on love and life

Tell me if you can
How deeply are you moved when you read said poem

Does it affect you at all
Leaving a message so impactful
You are dumbfounded
Wishing you could write such
Wondering how they wrote such
The poem becoming a treasured part of you

What makes a good poem?
In your humble opinion

And do tell me
Have you ever read one?

* Have a lovely weekend dear friends. Stay safe and be good to others, and yourself*


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  1. Have I ever read one, yes indeed! Yours. I love a poem I can connect to, a poem you can almost see come to life in your mind, a poem written from the heart, a poem that’s not afraid to be vulnerable. So many poems. 🙂

  2. When I was young I couldn’t get enough Elizabeth Barret Browning. I loved a lot of the classic poets.
    Today in my rushed world I enjoy the short pieces. They provide me with a lot meaning/ feeling for a minimal amount of time invested.
    Poetry seemed a forgotten form of expression, until I found that it is alive and well in the Blogosphere.
    Long Live Poets and their Poems!
    And Boomie, I have enjoyed many of yours. Keep writing!

  3. a true poem or in another say, a good poem which is written from heart… and when it reaches someone’s heart… Thank you, have a nice weekend, beautiful poet, dear Boomie, love, nia

  4. There’re many ingredients that can make a poem outstanding – all ingredients need don’t be there every time – also the timing means a lot how the poem affects on one – I have read many of my long ‘haha’ lives – and someone I’ll never forget too – I think you’re really good at timing… 🙂

  5. I was introduced to poetry by a no nonsense Grammar teacher in 1999 and i fell in love in spite of her. I love connecting poetry…But was disgusted when at the university we were taught forms and types of poetry…and there were this pedantic efforts to produce poetry to conform to certain mold, by our tutors, which i believe kills the connection. In all, i want to write poetry according to the rhythm of my heart: a beautiful thing i think you’ve got!

    • Thank you! Yea sometimes in the name of form and style it can become almost pretentious, elusive and damn right complex hiding behind big words and no emotion… I guess we can all agree it should come from the heart.

      Thanks so much

  6. You are a true poet Boomie, it is what comes from the heart that makes real poetry. Form is all well and good but to always stick to form would be like a production line of toasters falling into neat little boxes. Some I have read where many a paragraph proclaiming to be poetry where
    ( I know I am not the best judge) I wonder if someone picked up a magazine and just picked words off pages that had no reason or sense and proclaimed ‘poetry’.

    • Oh you flatter me, thanks. Yes I think from the heart is a great way to start writing a good one. Sometimes I read done poems and I have no idea what they are talking about but they feel so beautiful…

  7. Hey Boomie! I would say a good poem is written from the solar plexus, touches the reader there (sometimes punching or kicking, but not always–sometimes it is a caress), and resonates there–somewhere near the heart, the vital core of the self. Just my opinion though, and yours does that for me…

  8. I agree with everyone.. I love the classics, I love the new rhythmic poems that are out in our city recently (almost sound like rap) but most of all, anything that speaks from the heart and soul.. is honest and true. That’s my favorite poem to read, because it resonates with my own experiences. xx

  9. Looking bacck over the comments I find Charles’ experience was akin to mine. Dear old cranky Miss… would come to our poetry class and slam down her case on the desk, pull out her book, and say, ‘I hate poetry! And in spite of her I love poetry. That love comes from the heart doesn’t it. Nothing can quench it!

    • I agree! I wonder why the teachers and professors did that. Shame on them…many a people have missed out on loving subjects because of some of them and their attitudes. Glad you didn’t fall for her cranky ways lol.

  10. It’s all about…. how it make one FEEL ~ in my humble opinion ~
    If you feel … it is a poem worthy of praise …
    much Love dearest boomie x ps: yours always do this!!

    • Oh my dear Robyn, i agree i read some poems and i just can’t help myself…it’s like waves of water washing over me.

      Thanks for the kind words…hope you are doing well, and settling down after the storm. Sending warm hugs and love

    • Oh Luke, you comment here is poetry in itself…sticks to the lungs like smoky incense…scent carried from page to heart…i might steal some of these words soon lol.

  11. A good poem contains words, that is a prerequisite. I like poems that make me think. Either about a certain aspect or a poem that I can go back to and always garner new things from. That is all I require. I am a simple man, I also like poems on different coloured paper.

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