Birthday Now Mommy


Warming hearts
With their pleas and tickling giggles

They want their December birthday
This very instant

Begging Santa in their nighttime prayers
To bring it quickly
With pink princess snow
And giant Tiana and Dora cakes


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  1. Awwww how sweet! Tiana and Dora cakes? Mommy start saving that money for the pink princess snow and giant cakes! Hahahaha! Get to work u have barely a month!

    • I know right…i feel bad beacuse they went to some cool birthday parties this summer, but Lord knows i don’t have the energy or money for that. They will just take cakes and goody bags to church for their friends…it’s what i have been doing for them, and i need to step my game up but lol…i still haven’t won that lottery lol.

    • I have been telling them that, in fact tonight it’s what i said since they were aksing to go to church lol. I also said if they go to bed on time and are good girls then they get to be on santa’s good list…if not then i will call santa and ask that he put them on the naughty list lol. I am such a silly mom

  2. we made a chain of colored paper loops, one for each day until the event, and each day, the kids could rip off one loop. That way they could understand the flow of time until Christmas or the holiday.

    • Oh neat idea. A friend called and said i should get them calendars and countdown by marking each day off, and that way they can learn too…so we just might be doing that. I told them i know Santa and he thinks they have been good…one of them said…no mommy you don’t know santa lol…

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