A Lot Depends On It


image courtesy of http://www.wycockc.org

Americans have the opportunity like no other
A chance to get their voices heard by voting their choice

And though some may scoff and mock the democratic process
This is not the time to sit back and play cynic
Nor be an advocate for misanthrope

Many have been killed for this chance at progress and advancement
Millions will give anything for such possibilities in their own world

So come tomorrow and the many election years that follow
Do something bigger than yourself
Get out and vote

A lot depends on it


* It is all over the news, and many of us are tired of it all already… not to worry, it is almost over. Until then, if you are American and can vote…may I please ask that you do so. A lot depends on it, you see…I know nations that will give anything to have what is remotely close to the democratic process in America. This is bigger than just America…they say “when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold” it is so true…the world is watching this election and we can send a powerful message by doing our part. Get out and vote for the person you trust to do the job…a lot depends on it. THANK YOU!*



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    • Well said… Some countries and the citizens don’t even get that shot as power is just passed down from a dictator to his kids…

      I hope people think outside of themselves and vote.

      • It felt AWESOME! It’s the first time I’ve been able to vote. I’m only 26 and I’ve always been living overseas in election years. The only thing that’s different is that NOW the absentee ballot process is SOOOO much easier. They really opened it up. I tried under Bush and there were too many loopholes to jump through. By the time all the mail correspondence and all had gone through and they were about to send me my ballot, time was up.

      • I can imagine. And such a unique opportunity to be able to vote even if you live overseas or are a naturalized citizen.

        Glad the process is easier too, another friend said he’s been doing it (absentee votes) for years. Hopefully more people will take advantage of all the
        opportunity and vote. I saw a truck in front of my local grocery store a few week ago and people could go in and vote… Like a vote on wheels thing lol, I was so impressed…

      • That’s amazing! America’s ingenuity is truly amazing. Makes me proud. (It’s one of the few qualities we continue to display proudly)

  1. My soapbox stands Boomie..if your an American Citizen it is your DUTY to be informed and to vote, to many people throughout the history of America have fought and died to keep our freedoms, so vote and keep America beautiful, proud and free. Okay I am off my soap box now. I love that you could bring out the patriotic spirit in so many with your post. Excellent my friend!

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