A Collection Of Short Poems VI



Raking golden colored leaves on my front yard
My body curls as cold air blows past my eyes into my heart
Painful thoughts of you welling up like tears deep inside


Lost in the warmth of his timely words
I envisioned the embrace would be even better
Lust shaded my views as I succumbed to his will


This breath
No longer warm
Just tepid
Stinking of lust
Ugly reminders of you


Your eyes are darts
Achingly piercing the heart

Scars and tears
Stained crimson red
Evidence of your hidden truth


I am not defined by him
But this new found love sustains me


In the heart of my poems
Lies your love
Beating my motives to life


Your love sits written in ink
Sealed with desire
On the tablet of my beating heart

Here now passion resides
Scribbled all over
You and I as one


You are my poem
I write in love
Youthful lust
And happy thoughts of you


I spread this canvas of light
Golden in its ray
Like summer sun bright and warm
My heart paints
And caresses your name
In love


You are my poem
The ying to this passionate yang
My calm and peaceful Zen

My inspiration and quiet meditation
I write in love of you

* A lovely, joyfilled week to you all*


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    • Oh Lily, you flatter me….i often marvel at how people can write sonnets and such classic beautiful poems…i don’t know if i can do those.

      Thanks so much dear one. Hugs for a lovely week. God bless

    • Thanks so much. More like they are rejecting me lol…at least a few magazines, i submitted to said thanks, but no thanks lol. It’s all good. If this is what God has in store for me, i am certain it will happen in good time.


  1. It was like a string of pearls, Boomie. I just couldn’t think of anything else to compare it with. Felt really good reading the post.

  2. I was trying to decide which one I liked best, each time I read another
    one whispers …so I will just Like them all!
    Wonderful! I enjoyed them very much
    Take Care…

  3. I, too, am just about to start a poem with “yin to my yang”. I’d have to borrow the “peaceful Zen” phrase too!

    It’s always a kind of power, in my opinion, to be able to write short poems. It takes forethought (not to mention self-control) to stop talking and let the end be part of the eloquence. Many of these pieces are a testament to this.

    • Please borrow away :). Yea it takes self control…sometimes I think I am lazy by writing short poems but I think they come naturally and when I try to add more words I find I am BSing then, so I stop.

      Thanks so much

  4. I can’t find poetry lie this ANYWHERE – either I am totally drawn to your poetry more and more each time, or you are just smoothly and quietly getting better and better, reaching your peak..
    What imagery! ‘Canvas..’ makes me situate it in the south of France, but the first ‘raking’ is in the US for me. Others have definite Asian feelings to them – one clearly of course. Thank you – so much!

    • Oh thank you so much sir! I am most grateful…I really do hope you continue to find my works interesting, and deserving of your time.

      I appreciate this, thanks so very much

  5. Boomie, all are amazing and I would be hard-pressed to say which I liked the most. Having said that, however, the last one particularly resonated with me. Have a lovely week. 🙂

      • “Cold air blows past my eyes into my heart” – a brave, brutal, direct metaphor. These are beautiful poems but I think I like the first best. On a technical level, those first three lines show powerfully what I’m getting at when I advocate long lines. Break them up and you prettify them. As they are, they represent what you would naturally speak before pausing for breath, and that way you get a sweep of sound.

      • Oh Simon, I appreciate this in depth comment and analysis. Glad you like the first one, I am trying to learn and write different poetry forms so the first one is a sijo, an Asian form. Thanks so much.

      • Pleasure, Boomie! I worry sometimes that if I comment on technical things, it may suggest I’m not reacting to the heart of the poem, but both are interesting.

      • I don’t mind at all, in fact I might be a bother via yahoo though and send some poems from time to time for your honest review…technical and otherwise

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