Extended Dinner- A Duet


Spoon fed by desire
Nourished by lust
Lavishly drunk on love

Satiation soon
Repeatedly reached
In phases

Joy brimming as
Fingers, fork, tongue, mouth, taste buds
feel, feed and sweet fill

Nourished to the brim
My essence is filled
Full lips wiped in happy delight

This poem was born from Noel Ihebuzor’s brilliant response to my poem; Untitled: Dinner. The second and third verses are by Noel, and the first and last were written by me. He does these duets so well, please check out his blog whenever you can for some more brilliant duets and poems. Thanks Noel, and thank you all.

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      • Tu peux contacter des maisons d’édition, leur envoyer directement certains de tes poèmes; il y en a, surtout de petites maisons qui cherchent des auteurs.
        Ca demande plus d’organisations mais tu peux aussi faire des lectures privées et surtout publiques, dans des parcs, des librairies, des bibliothèques…
        Les concours peuvent être intéressants aussi pour te faire connître des éditeurs.

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