Your Smell, Your Smile, Your Love

Your smell fills my day dreams
Lavender sweet
Like spring’s refreshing whiff

Your love like champagne showers
Intoxicates my midweek senses
Bubbling over again and again
I find I am deeply rooted

Unashamedly in love
With only you
And that smile
That polishes my navel

* This is my 400th post...THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS READING!

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    • Thanks so much Cestone :). How are things on your end…battling another round of sinus and cold that has left me so tired but you know with little ones there is no time to stop…stay strong

  1. Congratulations on the 400th posting! I just had one of those mile-stones the other day and didn’t even really do anything to mark it (I almost didn’t even notice). Way to be consistent… and a great poetess! Cheers.

  2. I used to love my boyfriend’s funky ass even — hehehehe! But usually he smelled good and he never had bad breath which is important. There are a couple of guys I thought I might get with but the deal is broken when they have halitosis. Some people can deal with that — I’d have a hard time I think.

  3. I know this was one to be compared to plants and flowers (perhaps, even about plants and flowers); however, “And that smile That polishes my navel” did not make me think of flowers. It made me think of some wonderful kisses.

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