Batteries For Birthday- Friday Fictioneers 11/16


It’s that time of the week again. Friday fictioneers par Rochelle is on, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Sean Fallon. I must say that the prompt this week is a  tough one but between fiction and reality, I managed to pull something out.

Please let me know what you think, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. As always feel free to join in and participate…these prompts really do get your creativity flowing. THANK YOU!

image courtesy of Sean Fallon

This is a tough one I thought to myself looking at the picture…as if sensing my predicament, my almost 3 year old twin daughters’ walk up to me with 3 batteries in their tiny hands…”Mommy, look batteries” they both screamed…”can I keep battery for my birthday?” one of them joyfully asked. It’s been all about birthdays and Christmas lately.

“Sure why not” I responded taking the batteries from them…”I will just keep them in this empty animal crackers jar until then ok?”…”if you find anymore batteries remember to bring them to mommy…the more you find the more presents you can get.” I continued, smiling at them as I looked over at the picture on my laptop.

“Yay!” they both chorused… batteries for birthday presents… I laughed quietly as I walked away, knowing another story had just been born, many thanks to motherhood.


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  1. Very sweet. Your story reminds me of last December. My children decided to spend an entire morning wrapping up old toys to give to one another. On Christmas morning, THOSE were the gifts they were most excited to open. The cost of the rolls of wrapping paper they went through was so worth the joy they had in opening their own used toys on Christmas morning!

    • Aww, that is so sweet. I would so love for my girls to do that, i get them a small toy each and say it’s from one to the other.

      Children and the holidays….they make it fun, though i am too scared to go to the stores with the kids…there will be no end to when is Santa coming mommy lol. Thanks so much for stopping by, your comment sure warmed my heart 🙂

    • Hahaha, aunt Cestone knows her little girls. They haven’t stopped talking about birthday and christmas and will do anything. I keep praying to God, it’s a special one for them, and mom and daddy can afford to make it so. Thanks so much. How’s dad doing?

    • Oh absolutely. Those babies have so much to tell us in their eyes, smile, and child like innocence. Congratulations, I bet you dote over her…did that with my nephews lol. Thank you

  2. Your story is cute, Boomie. There is no end to stories we can tell or share about children, ours or someone else’s. I am a mother of two girls, and a grandmother to four (wonderful kids). two of them are also twins, too, a boy and girl, now young adults, aged 19, and the two youngest, (adorable) are a boy five, and his little sister, two. Being a grandparent is in some ways more wonderful than being a mother because we have more of a right and reason to spoil them, without feeling guilty. 🙂

    • Ah yes grandparents do spoil those little ones. My mom is passed but my dad does the grandma grandpa duty and just spoils all his grand kids. I wonder why grandparents do that lol…

      I complain all the time that he’s spoiling them and he says they are just babies…

      You are blessed to be surrounded by wonderful children and grandchildren. Someday a I can’t wait for the girls to be older lol but I am grateful for each season.

      I really enjoyed your comment, warmed my heart and made me smile. Thank you so much

  3. Hi Boomie,
    Your story is so real, at first I thought you were making some preliminary comments. When I realized this was the story, I still wondered if it had some basis in reality. A really authentic slice of life, no matter how you came up with it. Ron

    • For the most part it is true. The girls really do like picking batteries and coins and as their birthday approaches, they are excited and willing to do everything we tell them for presents and a princess party lol.

      As I was looking at the photo prompt, they were up to their birthday present antics, and trying to get my attention… The story wrote itself from there :). Thanks so much

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