Passion Adrift


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Passion moves her insides, this dark yet heartfelt Sunday. Without much to do as day swiftly merges into a long night, evening fading into obscurity, she releases every hold and restraint, red wine staining pink lips. Silently and without further ado, she breaks down every guarded wall, and built up defenses.

Naked and unashamed, passion and desire now takes over, love and seduction adrift in the cold November air…Angelique Stevens is but woman in Paul’s god like arms…love and passion reflected on mirrored walls…


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  1. Quite a creative piece! Intense passion depicted and a smooth sequence to dropping the defenses. Alluring!
    Even the most powerful of humans seem to become vulnerable in certain particular scenarios that arouses their strongest passions, awakens their subdued curiosity and induces such unanticipated submission.

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