Dead By Noon


There is a fly in my house
It spent the night
I presume
And heaven knows
If I had my way
It would be dead by noon


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  1. BB, this is a sore spot for me — hahaha! I hope that thing is dead in your house by the time you get this. Dernit I’ve been shoeing flies out of the windows in here for the last two days. I’m not a dirty girl, I’m just suffering from this weird phenomenon where flies hatch somewhere sometimes on window sills — I’m not sure exactly where they come from — and it’s maybe 20 of them — yuk! This has happened also to a couple of people I know. They die and I try to kill them on my own. This is crazy because normally there are absolutely none in here. So your post about flies today — geeez — I’ll fly over there on a plane and kill the darn thing myself if you want me to!! Good luck!

    • I tried to shoo it too but it kept buzzing around my head as if trying to make a statement little sucker lol. It didn’t help that the girls scream when they see a fly and think its out to get them lol. I often wonder why they come in the house too I am not dirty but somehow there’s always one around.

      Between my shoe and the counter top I got the sucker lol. My mom whenever she wanted to kill a fly will mutter under her breath in Yoruba something like “thief, thief, thief” I guess it’s one of those superstitious tradition thingy funny enough I find I do the same lol. I know I am crazy right lol

      • Well I’m going to start saying ‘thief, thief, thief’ too! I still have these things in here. I’m going to have to do full combat with spray, fly swatter and cleaning agents.

  2. Loved this, Boomie. We get flies in the house this time of year too. My cats love to chase them. And when my husband brings out the flyswatter, my little cat goes crazy. Meows and fusses until Peter puts the swatter away. But, yes, the flies are usually dead by noon…

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