My Brothers

A sweet Saturday morning
Born from 40 minutes of nonstop chatter
A telephone conversation with my brothers
Both of them older

Memories long and old sweetly revisited
Laughs, giggles, and meaningful silence
Between phrases, jokes, and long twisted words

Words of wisdom maturely spoken
In perfect time to say bye-byes and
I love you

Well over 30 years of loving them
These boys now men still super heroes
In my heart

*I was going to share a childhood picture of us…but my brothers will get back at me in the worst kind of way :)* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH


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    • Thank you so much. Family is all we have at the end, i think. My people say, people are our clothes and cover…they are our best assets. We are truly blessed to have them. My brothers played many tricks on me growing up…i was so skinny they called me all sorts of names…they still do now sometimes lol

  1. You poem resonated with me so much, especially after seeing one of my three brothers over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s so nice being a little sis, still, after all these years.

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