Nature Calls My Name

Nature calls my name through every whispered hum
Heard among rustling leaves and heavy clouds hanging low
Wintry air sweeps swiftly pass warm lands
As my heart open to the season soars in poetic response
Peace and art found in the cold blowing wind

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    • Thanks so much. It’s interesting you mention the title…it is always the toughest thing for me, cos i never know what to name the poems. I usually just write them and then wait to give them titles lol.

      Thanks Uzoma!

  1. I love the part about ‘peace’ being found in the ‘cold blowing wind’. I used to hate the winter and the cold but now have learnt to appreciate the peace and beauty that it can bring.

    • I am with you, not a fan of this weather but i find it is a time of peace and quiet. Thanks so much for stopping by, and i am very glad you enjpyed this and learning to enjoy winter :). Warm hugs

  2. Love, ”nature calls my name,” it resonated deep within me. You can’t control nature but when it calls your name it’s like been entwined with your God. Love your poem, ALWAYS. Good job!!

    • Thanks so much…i had it written in another format, and the day i posted it….i read it all over again, and tried to express how i was feeling in the moment i was reading it….glad it came out well, and you like it.

      Always a joy to “see” you here :). God bless

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