These Two Little Girls


Joyfully called mine
These two little girls
Pleasantly in love with pink, princesses, and purple

Oh! The happy things they do
To this beating heart of mine

*For my twin daughters, who make my heart thump with every breath they take, sometimes as they laugh in silliness or scream tears in childish naughtiness…I LOVE YOU BOTH! Thanks for not asking for goosey goosey gander, as I read this to you :). May joy always fill your hearts, as it fills mine thanks to you.*


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  1. What a great poem. It reminds me of my little sister. She’s all grown up and doing teenage things now but I remember the days when she used to play princess. Little girls are awesome.

  2. True Love. Again. Gratitude also resonates in this poem. Gratitude to God for these wonderful children. Gratitude for the joy they bring to your life

    . . .and this love, by merely reading this post, is terribly infectious in a pure kinda way

    sth stirs in my heart.

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