A Mother’s Reflections (Revisited)


This is a reblog, but rightly fitting for my mood tonight.

After 16 years of what I call paper silence…my fingers found their way to the laptop and without any plan or thoughts, I typed away…it was the day before my twin girls 1st birthday. I never stopped writing since then…and I started a tradition of writing notes, letter, poems, and such to them…more than that, days before their birthday…I sit at the computer like that cold night in December of 2010, and I write to them…no edits, no fancy words just my thoughts, and emotions expressed sincerely on screen, sometimes on paper.

My prayer is that someday, they will read them all and find meaning and good use in them. I write about my thoughts on motherhood over the year, my prayers for them, words of wisdom (if I have any at all), advice etc…the notes get so passionate I cry as I write them…they are from my beating heart to these ones who keep my heart thumping. Often times than not when I am overwhelmed or too tired, I visit those notes, reading them and asking God for help…

I just sent this year’s notes to family as is tradition…tonight; please allow me to share the 1st one with you….Appropriately titled “A Mother’s Reflections

12/2/12 9:12pm


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  1. Wow boomie ~ I’d never seen this. Such a wonderful wonderful concept. I wish I’d done this when my kids were small… it’s a beautiful thing they will cherish as they grow. The perfect gift indeed! x

  2. This is sweetly beautiful, Boomie. You know what? As I read this, I said to myself that God will surely listen to all your prayers and the girls are just going to be great women in future. You are a gem of a mother. And there is nothing so priceless as a praying wife and mother. God bless you and the twins, Boomie as they celebrate their 3rd birthday today. 🙂

  3. Hi, Boomie. I was in a rush today, trying to do several things almost at once, when I saw an email with a post from you. I slowed down slightly to read this post, and liked it so much that I clicked on the link to read your earlier one.

    It made my morning. My world slowed down, then the outside world and its deadlines and commitments simply disappeared as I became completely obsorbed in your heart-warming, spirit-glowing, loving post. I felt felt your pride, and love, and desire to do all you can for your daughters.

    My eyes were moist when I was done reading it, and now I must reluctantly move on to other things, but the memory of this post and how I felt will linger with me for a long time. Thank you!


    • Your comment has my eyes all moist. Thank you so much for reading it… I can’t read it without tearing up… Truth is anything I write for them before their birthday has me really overwhelmed.

      I pray God I can be the perfect mom for them. I am most undeserving of the love their eyes so easily bestows on me so I try not to take it for granted. I have come a long way no doubt, God has been to good :).

      Your comments are always uplifting as are your timely posts. God bless sir! Thank you

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