Three Years Old


Happy 3rd birthday to our wonderful twin girls…these miracles…enormous love in delicate packages who keep our hearts thumping…love, hope, dreams in their big bright eyes.

Blossoming under God’s loving grace, these pink petals are growing…fast…personalities forming, abilities showing….love and affection growing…such delight their presence…such gratitude and heartfelt contentment…

Childlike innocence, beauty, and love…such amazing blessings…these little girls, pink petals blossoming under God’s grace, and love….heavenly miracles who keep our hearts thumping love…

Love you more than the whole wide world, and then back again…God bless and keep you always. Here’s to many more happy healthy loving years…

Super Duper Blowing Giant Kisses Happy birthday, my lovelies!!!

12/3/12 12:01am


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  1. Aw, happy birthday to your girls. If we were both in Nederlands, everyone would be shaking your hand and giving you three kisses, saying “Gefeliciteerd!” (congratulations!). I quite like that – congratulations to raising your children for another safe, happy year :-). Have a fun day x

  2. Awww this is so sweet. I really love this especially “pink petals blossoming under God’s grace, and love.” Great description of children.

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