This December

Trying to win me over
With its warmth
Enticing my heart with spring like temps

Black hair bouncing in the air
Legs and arms out like summer
I am sleeveless in December
And can't help but wonder

Could this be the calm before the storm
And if I should take heed...

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  1. Oh, yes, Boomie, watch out. All the arctic air is not going to stay in Canada, and we are going to be BLASTED. Knowing this, I am still enjoying the mild weather, while keeping the snow brush in my car.

  2. You fill surely win over winter and be a good mentor…..
    You can surely overcome the storm and come over with calm……
    It may seem like summer but you should still be firmer.,,,,,,,
    Your black hair bouncing in the air and I feel it’s fair…….

  3. It was weird putting on a sleeveless dress and with a little cardigan yesterday but I don’t worry. I actually think this is a natural occurrence on Earth. I don’t believe in the whole global warming epidemic. Too many scientists refuted it. Loved the poem though. 🙂

  4. Warm? I am scandalised a the very thought of such a weather phenomenon at this time of year, and jealous, naturally. I hope you don’t get a bad winter. Although I always think a very thin layer of snow, a smattering if you will, is always nice around Christmas day.

    • yea i hear its so chilly in the UK…glad i am not there, but its gotten colder here as well…i wouldn’t mind a dusting of snow either on Christmas, but no more than that lol. Always a pleasure to “see” you herw Steve

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