Deep Within (Where It Matters Most)

Thighs crossed in submission
to this new power deep within

Soft and sensual they remain
Packing strength tone and confidence
Deep within

My humble opinion
Where it matters most

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  1. The illusion of love
    Nothing more
    Don’t remember me
    the virtual silence
    As channel world
    We forget the present
    And desperately seeking
    I wanted to tell you
    my touch suffering
    Come back to me
    Once again
    There are other
    Meaning of overdose
    There is hope
    Unique and troubling
    You give me up
    I’m afraid in short
    There is the balance
    That shape clay
    All these concerns
    Residence without way
    Me just an idea
    No leave more you
    Magical movement
    Energy relationship
    Translation of the time
    That clears slowly
    A voice in the space
    Captive surface
    Ephemeral illusion
    Foreign perception
    Words in memories
    Frivolous moments
    a value of eternity
    consciousness of universality

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