Enough Evidence- Friday Fictioneers 11/7


It’s that time for Friday fictioneers par Rochelle, this week’s image is courtesy of Rich Voza. I am a day late this week, thanks to my WP acting up on me yesterday morning, but better late than never. Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome, and please feel free to participate. Have a great weekend, and THANK YOU!

I have a short story, and poem this week…enjoy :).

Image courtesy of Rich Voza

Image courtesy of Rich Voza


What am I to do with this?

There is the light; bright and illuminating…I expected the corridor will be dark and scary with all the doors shut. I wonder how many doors there are…if the plan was to scare me, well BRAVO…

I am just going to back out slowly, I have enough evidence on my phone…although catching the pig called my husband in the act will prove even better in court…but something feels weird about this motel…

I will hold on to the pictures whoever he is sent me, along with shots of pig’s Range Rover in the parking lot…Good thing, I married up…


The hallway of her once unloved mind
With shut doors and built up walls
Now welcome illumination
Clear bright lights bouncing off trapped walls and doors

Restoration and healing rises from deep inside
Many thanks to second chances

Love and hope reflected in this her 6 pound bundle of joy…


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  1. I’m not sure I entirely follow the first part of the story (blame a lack of sleep!) – who is trying to scare her? Glad she’s catching hubby out though, maybe she is the wife of my character!

    • The joys of motherhood :). The lack of sleep gets better somewhat better.

      The idea is that someone sent her pictures and the address of the motel… And she thinks this person is just trying to scare her by luring her to a strange looking motel… But then her hubby’s car is in fact in the parking lot. Hope this make sense?!? I am somewhat sleep deprived myself lol

  2. I enjoyed the poem. Glad she found love the second time around although I can’t quite tell if it’s because of both husband and child or just child. And don’t worry about being late. It is, after all, only Friday! 🙂

  3. I’ve been in some creepy hotels. Couldn’t wait to get out. I’d rather spend the money for nice accommodations when traveling than save and worry what that lump is under the carpet. *shivers*
    Nice work. Loved the poem. Hope she didn’t sign a prenup.

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