If This Be Our Last Winter

If this be our last winter my love

Then let us lie in the arms of lust drunk on its seducing juices
Flame, desire, and mad hunger on our lips

Kiss stained teeth clenched in passion
Soft strong arms locked in affection
Our all five senses tickled wild

In frosty whites very last moments...

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      • I’m okay, Boomie, taking stock and re-organizing my life a bit. Thank you for asking, I’ve been a bit like a sail in the wind lately.
        I have a new TV project coming up to Design costumes for, so I am thinking that will help pull back to shore. xoxo

  1. I loved this, but it makes me so sad because my love is in Afghanistan. Although I don’t believe this winter will be our last, one never really knows for sure how long we have on this earth at any given time. I would be so sad to have either of us go before I get to hold him one more time.

    • Oh Madison, this broke my heart…I can’t even imagine how much you will miss him especially around this time. Sending warm hugs and love. Here’s to many more happy healthy winters for you both.

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