Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

Season’s greetings to your jolliness… my excitement is growing as the day I have waited for all year gets closer. Oh how I love Christmas, for to me it is the most wonderful time of the year.

I have been nice this year…obeyed all the rules, trying very hard to remain good…my Christmas list growing, and I can’t help or contain myself…this season brings out the best in many, if not all of us.

I must say, I have a request this holiday as you soar high in the bright sky, Rudolph’s nose still red as Christmas bows, dropping neatly wrapped presents down chimneys for nice and deserving little boys, and girls.

Dear Santa, could you please remember the ones who were neither naughty nor nice… just painfully unfortunate, and so easy to miss, the moon dimly shining on their world…no twinkle stars in their gray skies…their patched roofs, and tents crumbling under the weight of lack, poverty, and hunger…devastation and plague besetting their every step…

Jolly St. Nick, could you leave a gift at theirs…bringing hope, joy, and smiles to their run down tired faces…making a marked difference in their lives…even if only for one day…hope briefly restored in their hearts…Christmas truly making them smile…

Brighten their world Santa…visit them too…

*There is a Santa in us all, so I hope we can all brighten some child’s world with a token or so this season…THANK YOU*


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  1. Sending much Love and Many Blessings to you and all of us. Seeing the less fortunate gaining a foothold and finding the hope to deliver themselves to a much more peaceful, easy and beautiful life.
    Thank you, Boomie!

  2. What a perfect wishlist to Santa. And I hope he hears your heartfelt prayers for all of those less fortunate. Beautiful words!!

  3. Boomie, you are so beautiful!
    Dear Santa, I don’t need anything as I am a fortunate one. Please give mine to someone who is not a fortunate one. – Love Resa
    Of course I will be giving to a worthy charity, as all fortunate ones should.

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