Christmas Giveaway


I love Christmas…always have…always will. Christmas music is on repeat already in the house, and Lord willing tomorrow, the girls will start reading the 12 days of Christmas as is our tradition. The season brings out the best in many of us I believe…

Christmas from back in the day...My brothers will get me back wickedly for this picture...can you guess which of the girls is moi??? :)

Christmas from back in the day…My brothers will get me back wickedly for this picture…can you guess which of the girls is moi??? 🙂

I was reminiscing about my childhood Christmas memories yesterday, and boy did the Mr. and I laugh a lot…we had such fond beautiful memories from wearing new clothes to eating yummy rice, and all the plays and recitals I was a part of in nursery, and primary school…I sang the 5 gold rings part of the 12 days of Christmas…and in nursery school I think I was a pregnant Mary.

It’s taken a lot longer to get into the holiday mood this year because I have been in a melancholic state of mind…however I am getting myself out of it and what better way to do that than a Christmas giveaway…I think the only thing better than receiving a gift is giving one…however, there is a catch…I have to make you work for it just a little bit, nothing stressful really…more like fun.

First, you have to like my Facebook page…and follow me on twitter…fair enough right…and because I love the season so much…I want to share some of my favorite Christmas songs with you, and to make it fair…you share yours and tell me why you love them. Not bad, right?

Christmas songs are just divine and wonderful, my favorites are: “Merry Christmas” and “I want to feel Christmas like a child” both by Third Day (I am a huge Third Day fan)…I also love the classic version of “The Holly and the Ivy”…but my favorite has to be “Christmas Shoes” by Newsong…it reminds me so much of my mom, and our last Christmas together…that song gets me every time…

OK, now it’s your turn…what are your favorite Christmas songs and why? The giveaway ends on Saturday night at 10:00pm…winner announced on Sunday night…

Merry Christmas to you, and yours!!! May the joy of the season fill you hearts with peace and love, hope set for the New Year. Amen!!!


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  1. my most favorite christmas song is Silent Night, but sung only with a guitar. Also, as far as the super cute pic above, I think you are the little one on the end. 🙂

      • that’s how the song silent night was originally wrote, with just guitars. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. I’m not on FB only Twitter – and I’m a brave drake and guess that you are the one with a brother at both side..? 🙂

    A christmas song is memoires too – and this means a lot to me, don’t really know which number it is but it have a big xcore – I had a really great friend in my youth – he dies when we were 22 years old -we all called him Snoopy and he had birthday the day before christmas eve – all the guys met at his home and he always played this song with The Royal Guardsmen – more than 5 times during the night… ‘hahaha’


    • I will check you out on twitter for sure…thanks for sharing this video…so sorry about your friend…Yea i am the one in between my brothers lol, i dont think i have changed much at least in facial features

  3. I already liked your page on facebook, I don’t have twitter tho, but I’ll share my fav songs.
    The first one is Carols of the bells, I like it cuz I always imagined myself singing all the voices, not humanly possible but is a dream I have.

  4. I just followed you on Facebook, I was already following you on Twitter.
    My favorite song is “The Little Drummer Boy” because it remind me we all have a special gift to give the Baby Jesus.

  5. Love the pic! What a cute family. It is always great seeing old Christmas pics. My favorite Christmas songs are “Little Drummer Boy” with David Bowie and Bing Crosby.

    and the other one is “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time” it was done to raise money for the people in Africa and is done under the organization BandAid.

  6. When I was a kid we had an old record of Gene Autry Christmas songs. Whenever I hear him singing those it takes me back to all those great childhood memories of the holidays.

  7. What an adorable photo! I’m not on Facebook nor Twitter (I know, I know…) and it’s so hard to choose a favorite Christmas song but really anything by Bing Crosby just melts my heart so I wanted to share 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  8. As you know I love Halloween so I don’t have a favorite x-mas song! There was one that I liked years ago that was really really demented and wrong — it was a hardcore/punk song — I can’t remember it now. I wouldn’t want to be the spoiled sport by mentioning something vile like that here anyway.

  9. Oh goodness Twinnie – OVE that pic! I believe you are the one sitting between your two brothers. I wonder where I was when this family pic was taken. I must have been hiding behind the couch 😉
    This is my fave Christmas song:

    • Oh twinnie you just made me laugh out loud… Yep you were hiding along with my older sister who felt too cool to take pictures with us lol. Will check put the song once I’m home and comfy :).

  10. You are the one between the two brothers. Your eyes gave yiu away, my dear. L do love christmas so and I am busy preparing for it, painting the house naf getting my decorations in order. I love to bake and cakes are certainly going to feature.

    Now to the songs: Good Christian Men Rejoice, Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy 🙂

    • I wish i could bake…i don’t have the patience…Thanks so much for sharing your favorite songs…the girls love little drummer boy too. May this Christmas bring more joy and hope to you and yours like never before.

      Merry Christmas my dear sis

  11. I love Christmas, too and all the days that lead up to it! I think you are the girl in the middle. You are so…cute. You remind me of a little girl in my dance class–such a strong, serious, and beautiful face.

  12. Sometimes I feel like a grinch for disliking Christmas songs…but really, that’s only because they’re overplayed at stores! My fave is 12 Days of Christmas. I used to get so mad when I’d forget parts of it. 😀

  13. I love the way you involve your readers, Boomie. You’re like a little Christmas angel, aren’t you?
    I’ve already won a giveaway of yours recently, and since Meryl Streep can’t win the Oscar EVERY year, I will quietly applaud your chosen winner. 🙂 That said…
    My favorite Christmas song of all time is “Little Drummer Boy”. I have loved it since I was a little boy. I think I liked it then because of the way the marching drum beat captured my soul, but I like it even more as an adult, now that I “get it”. The point to that song is more than just about bringing what you have, however small, to the King of Kings (music, in the boy’s case) The deeper, more amazing treasure revealed in this song is that we as humans have the ability to touch the heart of God. The fictional Drummer Boy was able to cause Jesus to smile when he played the drum, and we can do that as well.
    For you, dear Boomie, I believe you give Jesus a smile when you write.

    • You are an angel, bro Luke. Thanks so much for the very kind words….love love the Meryl Streep reference lol. One of the twins love little drummer boy and makes me sing it whenever possible…i think just like you it’s the marching drum beat that has her excited, and i pray as she grows older, just like you she gets it…

      You are a kind soul Luke…a blessing to “know” you. Thanks so much. A very merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours.

      God bless

  14. Boomie,
    I was already following you on Twitter and I went and liked your Facebook page. My favorite Christmas song is “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. I think it’s my favorite because my husband loves to play it really loud and sing to it! It’s really a fun song!

  15. Boomie, my favourite Christmas song is ” oh come all ye faithful”. We sung it in German when I was a child with my mum at the piano and I loved singing it. I was so happy that it exists in Engish. the link just in case:

    Wishing you a wonderful meaningful Christmas! With love Ute

    • Hahaha, Simon the older one is me…in my defense, i was very ill that day and had been throwing up in church and all…lol. Yep my younger sister was a mischievous little one

      • Thanks, Boomie. If I were more familiar with your face as opposed to your literary style I might have got it. Not that you can’t be serious and scary.

        Throwing up in church? There are interesting possibilities:

        MINISTER: If there is anything you wish to bring before the Lord, now is the time.


  16. Hello dear heart, if I had to guess I think it’s you in the middle of your brothers 🙂 Third Day is an amazing band, and they really get me going!
    I adore Christmas music, and Good King Wenceslas moves me to tears, still (Bing Crosby nailed it best). I love We Three Kings, Joy to the World (Whitney Houston’s especially) and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, which I like to play as I set up my beloved Nativity Scene.
    Thank you for yet another wonderful post Boomie 😀
    Warm wishes for a loving holiday season filled with faith and joy. ~Gina

    • Thank you so much…i don’t think i have heard Whitney’s version of joy to the world…i bet its pretty special… Lovely choices you have…Christmas songs are just the best :). Have a wonderful happy blessed and merry Christmas.

      Warm hugs and love..thanks so much, and God bless

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  18. cute pic-boomie-i still don’t really know how to contact people and always mess up the adding of “labels, awards. buttons” I dont do it that much anyway-I want to learn more about getting photography on wp and such. You have been a good friend and loyal “follower” that means a lot-best to you! beebeesworld

    • Thanks so much. When you post…there should be a small thing on the top that says add media, that’s how you add pictures and such.

      It’s been a pleasure sharing this blog journey with you…thanks so much. Have a wonderful and remarkably blessed 2013.

      Hugs and love, God bless

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