Caught- Friday Fictioneers 12/14


It’s time again for Friday fictioneers hosted by the ever gracious Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Doug Macllroy…a very tough photo prompt, if you ask me. I managed to come up with a short story under 100 words.

Constructive criticisms and comments are very much appreciated. Please feel free to participate if you haven’t tried this before, it is so much fun, and a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Pardon the tiny French in today’s story. THANK YOU!!!

Image courtesy of Doug Macllroy

Image courtesy of Doug Macllroy

The nerve of that cheat to make house in the garage when he should be in a remorseful state…trying to work things out was a bad idea, but Father Paul thought to give him a second chance…I gave him one and he turns the garage to a bachelor pad…chatting on Facebook with Russian bimbos,playing with tools and shit…

The jerk even has this strange ball and chains in there…I hope I am wrong but I think he might have brought his S&M mess into the garage again…well, I will be here waiting for his sorry explanation…

*Note: I have nothing against Russians, nor do I think their women are bimbos…this is what my muse came up with..thank you*


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  1. I happen to be a Russian bimbo, and I for one am not offended. After all, once you confess to being a Russian bimbo you cut everybody some slack – not to mention those chains.

  2. Mornin’, Boomie: I loved this…reminded me of my ex, lol! That concrete ball in the pic would be just up his alley…he was constantly “making things” that were redundant..Then I get to see the other side, or, one other side of you in the writing itself! Brillliant! Everybody’s got a bit of loco in them, and it’s a good thing we do..makes us interesting,provocative, different, unique..I don’t have any writer in me, but tell me how Friday Fictioneers works, cuz this is the second picture(the corridor of doors was like, straight out of dreams I’ve actually had), where I find myself making stuff up in my head while reading what you’ve written..maybe I could ‘take a bash’ at it? Love you..have an amazing day, dear friend! love, Cathy.

    • Hi Cathy, so sorry for my late response…been a long weekend. Every Wednesday Rochelle posts the photo prompt on her blog- then we come up with a story or poem, whatever we can interpret from the picture.

      It doesn’t have to be 100 words i have gone over and under many times, but we usually try t keep to 100…you gotta try it this week :). Say yes please…it’s a fun group of writers who are like family…and it really pulls stories that you never thought of out of you.

      Love ya, and have a lovely week

  3. P.S. How does one keep anything ‘under’ 100 hundred words? That’s got to be some kind of hard work…don’t know if I could keep anything, even a phone call, down to a hundred words! lol! love, Cath.

  4. LOL Now my mind is trying to figure out what to do with the globe and chains;) Interesting take on the photo, although I’d have advised her to left him long before the Russian bimbos came into the picture…

  5. I wonder what depth of despair drove the poor man to the garage? Was the stress level to high in the house? Now he’s being called all these mean ugly names. Poor man.

  6. That man of yours is such a looser. What’s wrong with a decent padlock?

    Brilliant way of getting an idea. I always wait 24 hours between seeing the picture and writing. Usually something comes up… 🙂 sometimes unique, sometimes not.

    • Thank you so much…oh really. He must have been really bad to end up in the garage…i think i might have been the only one in America who didn’t keep up with The Sopranos lol

  7. Dear Boomie,

    I’ve done an informal survey and so far 97% of the writers that have imagined S+M scenes or uses for the ball and chains are female. What’s does that mean? A further 84% of the female writers have taken umbrage with the man working in the garage and another 34% of the women don’t like him having access to his computer. If ever there was a Rorschach test that revealled all, this prompt was it.

    Great story. Be gentle.



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