Winner Of The Christmas Giveaway


A very good day/evening to everyone reading this… it’s been a hectic pensive weekend to say the least but many thanks to God for life. The Christmas giveaway ended last night, and after listening to all the wonderful carols shared, I wrote all the participants names on pieces of paper and did a drawing.

Thank you all so much for participating and sharing your cherished Christmas songs…I sincerely appreciate and enjoyed them all…I sure wish I could send a prize to everyone…but if you don’t mind a Christmas card from me, please feel free to email your address to me: I will be honored to send you a Christmas card to show my love and appreciation.

Hearty congratulations to Robyn Lee of She is the winner of the Christmas giveaway…please send me your address Robyn, so I can have your prize/Christmas present sent out.

The picture I shared in the original blog post was from a Christmas where I was terribly ill…and I am the one with the big head and hair (not much has changed since)…I must say I was really ill in the picture and that’s why I didn’t smile…though my younger sister has always been the friendlier camera loving one in the family :).

* A big thank you to everyone who has ever stopped by my blog, I really appreciate you all…many thanks to everyone who just started to follow me recently…Will be over your blogs very soon. Have a lovely, blessed, and safe week. God bless

Love & Gratitude
Boomie Bol


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  1. Oh Boomie ~ very excited to be the lucky recipient ~ and will send you my addy soon … May you and your beautiful family enjoy this Christmas Holiday — and may Joy and Love be abundant this new year ~ xxoo Robyn ps: — you were ill in the holiday photo?? –That was the intensity I noticed! – you would have been smiling away otherwise I am sure ! 🙂 Love to you ~

    • Thanks so much…so glad you won. Thanks for all the love and support. A wonderful Christmas to you and yours with God’s abundant best for the new year.

      Warm hugs and love. God bless Robyn, thanks so much

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