Varied Circles

This dance that we dance
It goes in varied circles around the truth
Our present world so small
Yet largely outsized by hate and gloom

For all our advancement in science
Communication and supposed intelligence

Basic humanity, kindness, and love still eludes the best of us

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  1. True. We claim to be so intelligent, but honestly, we’re such a disgrace sometimes. I think that’s why I love animals so much… Sure, they kill but it’s to eat/survive, not out of anger, hate or revenge.

    • I have no idea…some days i fear there is no hope for humanity…we are so forward thinking yet at the same time so backward…there is no genuine love. We are so involved in ourselves, we cannot see others, except we are not all that good to our own selves…

      We know what to do, or at least we assume we do, but generation after generation it seems only to be getting worse…only God can help us…May He help us

  2. One of your best Boomie!
    We returned from our holiday in two very poor countries full of happy people, to news of the shooting in Connecticut and a horrific gangrape in our capital, that has left the entire country in shock! The sacrifice of basic humanity is possibly the price we pay for ‘progress’!!

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