Blank Screen

This season of quiet and chills
Leave my thoughts empty
Meaningful words scattered all over

Blank screen starring back at me

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  1. Don’t look at it as black screen but as waves… 🙂

    Everything or almost everything are waves in various rhythms… 🙂

    Breathing, writing, making love and most of all living – is a matter of waves… 🙂

      • Nice work Boomie. Sharing thoughts in writing is an asset i believe. I haven’t done something I enjoy doing for almost two weeks. Finals in school and Christmas frenzy! Unmotivated seems to be part of it……. Hope to get back to the gym in a day or two…..

      • Great to “see” you here, goddad. Thanks so much. Yea, i had to drag myself to the gym yesterday and earlier today.

        I sure hope my spirits get lifted again and inspiration finds me…you have your plate full so i thoroughly understand.

        Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Absolutely neat, a blackout on the inside? Oh and I’m new to blogging and stuff. So, hey there and please check my blog too. 🙂

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