More Than Food

The hunger in these environs broken and dismayed
Is not for food...
Day old bread stale or fresh won’t do

The nagging appetite here calls for knowledge
Hope for better days
Days that bread and mixed rice cannot handle

Poverty passing from hand to hand
Mouths left salivating long after bread is gone

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  1. Boomiebol, I hope you had a very nice christmas, and lets pray our new year will be abundantly blessed! Your poem is a very good message, if we help by changing smaller things they will become bigger helps for the poor and needy! Love the message!

  2. I have said this before, I hit “Like” not because I like the words in your post, although they are well written. I hit “Like” because the message needs to be perpetuated. Thank you Boomie!

  3. Deep, really deep. Boomie, amazing how in so few words you touch on the heart of the matter – man (woman) shall not live by bread alone. we need sustainable solutions to lead to sustainable food security and that addresses those hungers that go beyond the material. John 10:10.
    well done, Boomie and Eku Odun! mo wa ni ilu wa.

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