What A Year 2012 Has Been…THANK YOU!!!

Image courtesy of www.google.com

Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

What a year 2012 has been…

My most heartfelt and sincere appreciation to you, and you for been a part of this year. I had no idea what the year had in store, and looking back now I can only smile in gratitude and appreciation to God, and you…what a year 2012 has been…

In coming to terms with myself in the most honest and sincere way this has got to be the best year for me…I am embracing this “gift” of writing as the desire to write continues to grow…I am coming into my own…albeit slowly…I am embracing myself wholly.

I have met such wonderful people and I am thankful for the immense support, friendships, love, kind comments, and encouragement…thank you all so much. A special thanks to these wonderful and most frequent commenters: Rosy, my darling twinnie, my friend Cestone, the oh so beautiful Ms. Lily, ever gracious and totally lovely Robyn, and my fashion genius Resa… special shout out to all my guest writers.

Thanks to each and every one of you for making this another beautiful year…it is my prayer and sincerest hope that 2013 will be better than the previous years combined…may joy, peace, love, and abundance find you and yours every day of the year.

From my ever grateful heart…a big THANK YOU!!! God bless you…

12/30/12 10:00pm

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  1. Oh Boomie! Thank you!!!! I’m completely honored to be mentioned, as you appreciate your best year! You do know it was special because you made it so? 2013 is all yours for the taking! HAPPY NEW YEAR, to you and yours! xoxo

  2. Boomie dear, thank you so much for the mention. I am deeply honoured. May the new year bring you joy and more success in your life. May all you desires be met and may laughter never depart form your home. A very very wonderful and prosperous new year to you, Boomie darling 🙂

  3. I wish you, your family & friends a wonderfully joyous and healthy, safe, fun Happy New Year….See you right back here next year….Namaste.

  4. I am humbled by your mention of me in your post today.
    But – my dear TWINNIE – if not for you – I’d be lost in a non-blog world wasting away on virtual farming – LOL
    Much love to you always xoxo

  5. May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!

  6. All I know Boomie is you are the blog I most often take my deepest and widest ((smiles)) after visiting ~ just a lovely welcoming energy here, that is healing and soothing to the soul ~ keep doing your think my loving friend …. Much Love for 2013!! xo Robyn

    • You are too kind, lovely, and gracious. I am blessed to “know” you. Thanks so much for always. God bless you and yours abundantly in this new year.

      peace and love

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