1/1 All Day

Punch drunk on love
Steeped in fine aged wine
Watching the Tudors
Evidence of this lust and fun
Staining soft satin sheets and pearly white teeth
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  1. thanks Boomiebol for always stopping by, for always writing something sweet, naughty and beautiful. Thanks for being you! hope you have had a wonderful holiday…….happy new year!

  2. Gosh (for want of a stronger word here) I just looovvveee to read your poems! All of them actually but the titillating (I think a man made up that word) aspect of some of your poems is well …in two word deliciously delightful! :)

    • You always make me smile, thanks so much. I bet a man made o the word lol. You are ever so gracious and most kind to me….i really appreciate it. Thanks for the retweet too, you are simply the best :).

      Warm hugs and love

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