My Fat Heart

My heart is obese in its affection for you
Fed full and pudgy by your late night hugs and sugar sweet kisses
That one touch and fondled cuddle before Monday dawns
With a yawn of resignation for life

Juicy warmth bringing peace in a quick embrace
One last see you soon at the door pumping more flesh
To this heart's fat

*Have a lovely week :)* This poem is a work in progress i think...

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  1. Yes it is a work in progress … not the poem so much as the feelings engendered by the words. It seems there should be more even though there doesn’t need to be. I like that, a pleasant lingering! 🙂

    • I agree, very healthy…though there is still the probability of a heart attack lol. Thanks so much, and a wonderful and happy new year to you.

      Always a pleasure to see you here

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