Mother Nature Weeps

Mother Nature weeps
Her eyes of comfort and compassion growing dim
Her beloved and children from all corners turning on themselves
Turning on her and her beauty
Trees cut down
Built bridges and bushes burning deep wild and free

Devastation and war in the most innocent of places
Death on the rise as greed and lust flow free
With heavy blood now easily shed

Childhood has lost its innocence
Old age knows now only disdain
Hate is now on the rise as war strides high as power
The need to see and hear overcome by guns and drugs

Peace now on the back burner
Evil and anger
Rape and malice
Roaming as lords and kings among trees and leaves
Whispering deceit blaspheme and incurable incest
Humanity is fast dying

Love lost in the heart of mankind

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  1. It’s sad to see the worsening nature. How the life of our children and grandchildren in the future if it is so bad now.
    I love this topic Boomie, very touching.


  2. Sobering indeed – -I always hope when an artist like you puts these words to print — there is some universal energy that heals and awakens folks to make the world a better place — Brava to you for sharing this boomie ~ and prayers for better tomorrows for our planet!

  3. wow, robyn’s post was about her butterfly daughter leaving the nest, and one of my two posts today was about butterflies. the other featured ‘new beginnings’ and i mentioned tracy chapman’s song, ‘heaven here on earth.’ and your poem fits back into that theme!
    thaks for speaking up for our mother earth! z

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