The Duke’s Cellos- Friday Fictioneers 1/11


Friday fictioneers courtesy of Ms. Rochelle is on, and I am a tad early. This week’s image is courtesy of Roger Cohen. Comments, and constructive criticisms are very much appreciated, and please feel free to participate…there are amazing and uniquely different interpretations to the pictures each week. THANKS ALWAYS FOR STOPPING BY!!!

Image courtesy of Roger Cohen

Image courtesy of Roger Cohen

The Duke of Elgin liked music and invested in all manner of instruments…so it was no surprise when his once betrothed and now darling wife of 3 years left him for the Italian Cello player Antonio, who visited their countryside manor daily, to teach his highness how to play…Rumor around town is that the Duke was not much of a lover in the bedroom where all his musical treasures including 2 prized heirloom cellos stood…

His wife, Eleanor’s first carnal encounter with Antonio was right there in that bedroom when his highness was on Diplomatic assignment in Milan…his beloved Cellos watched as silent witnesses…


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