The Things He Saw(What He Saw)

He saw sunny summer in her stride
The warmth of June in her poised walk

He caught a glimpse of the golden sun reflecting off her trails
Her feet & footprints august on brown sandy beaches

He saw drops of spring in her tender eyes
Pops of yellow April and lilacs bright
Soft smile turned inward like dew drops of rain

He saw life in her soul
Love listed in adequate shades

The clear blue waters echoed her name
Teasingly calling her love...

*I can't decide on what I want or think the title should be :). 
Have a blessed and fulfilling week!*

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  1. I think “What He Saw” is a good title. Hey, you know what I would love? I took a friend’s poem and turned it into a song about 12 years ago. I haven’t produced it yet on video but the point is I love your writing do much I really would love it if you would write the lyrics to a song for me. Everything I write is melancholy. It would be nice to have some lyrics from a different perspective. πŸ™‚

    • You humble me Ms. Jaz, i don’t know if i am a song writer lol…but if yo have a background music i can listen to, maybe i can come up with something you like…what do you think?

      So sorry for the late response…been a busy year thus far.

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