Today in a brief moment of absolute silence
Time stood still
The moment between 7:18am and the next 
Stretching beyond sixty seconds
Into a fulfilling eternity

My quiet eyes stared into yours
Love and sweet memories reflected
In an image and soul I can no longer see(touch)

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    • Thank you so much. All is very well, thank God. The poem was born from staring at my mom’s picture and everything standing still in that moment.

      Her eyes seemed so alive yet I knew she was gone. It gets hard these days considering my need for help with the girls and sometimes wanted to be a daughter… Somedays I just wish she was here to talk me through things, laugh with me or babysit lol.

      Thank you so much for your kind concern 🙂

      • I am pleased to hear that nothing sad has happened in your life at this moment. Having said that, I do understand the loss of a mother and how deep that hurt is felt. I lost my mom at age 14 and was left to try to be a mom to brothers aged 4 and 11. There is no replacement for a mom. Blessings to you Boomie.

      • Oh my….i shouldn’t pout at all. You sure were very young and brave. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

        I really appreciate you very timely words. Have a wonderful night, and a great week.

        God bless

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